The Ordinary Moments

(The Ordinary Moments ’14) #2

When I first had Alfie, anyone who was anyone told me that babies love routine. For the 1st few months after having Alfie, we would bath him in his baby bath downstairs, feed him and put him in his moses basket and take him up to bed when we went. This seems crazy when I look back as we would have to creep around and have the tv turned down, the lights were low and carrying a moses basket with a sleeping baby upstairs isn’t easy, as I’m sure Michael will vouch for … but neither of us wanted to be away from him or leave him upstairs on his own when he was so tiny. 

A few months on and we started would would become our permanent routine. We will take Alfie upstairs between 7.15-7.30 and he’ll have his bath, get dried and dressed and have his milk. Once he goes upstairs at bedtime, he doesn’t come back down until morning. 

As Alfie has got older, bath and bedtime has become Alfie and Daddy’s time. Michael will take him up and I will hear them laughing and playing and it’s lovely to hear from downstairs – this is very much their bonding time. Usually by that time of day, I’m exhausted and glad of the break to sit and have a hot cup of tea, or I’ll clear the tea things away, but sometimes, I’ll go up with them and join in the fun. 

At the beginning of April, we went away over night and the hotel only had a shower, so Alfie had his 1st experience of a shower and he loved it! Since then he does tend to have showers more than baths, meaning the whole routine has somewhat been shortened so Alfie isn’t quite as relaxed when it’s time to get dried and dressed. 

Last night, I was aware that I didn’t really have any ‘Ordinary Moment’ Pictures from this week, so I joined in the bath time fun in aim to get some pictures. Fortunately, Alfie is on form after his bath / shower and last night was no different. 

I love this picture I got of him – Daddy had to help and was pulling very silly faces behind me, but it really just sums up what every night is like for us (me snapping away with my phone, Daddy being silly, Alfie chattering away). Once Alfie is showered, we call come together and we’ll talk to Alfie to practice new words and go over what he’s done during the day whilst getting him dressed for bed.

Bath and bed time is a very ordinary moment which happens every night, in every house hold, but it is a time I really cherish when we can have lots of cuddles and kisses and finish the day together.


9 thoughts on “(The Ordinary Moments ’14) #2

  1. Bathtime is definitely a lovely ordinary moment! Your routine sounds very similar to ours and bathy time is very much a Monkey and Daddy time too! Love that he likes showers, so far Monkey is not a fan of them!! Xx #ordinarymoments


  2. It's great having a routine and like you, we started ours early. Baths only happen twice a week for us though – a combination of laziness on our part and also because Toby's eczema seems better if he doesn't have a bath every day!


  3. Mads hates showers after swimming so we generally tend to have a bath each night! I love it when they are all damp from their bath and all snuggled up and cuddly in their towels. Bedtime is the most ordinary moment but one of my absolute favourites. Alfie is such a cute little dude! x


  4. I always like hearing that others have a similar routine. Ours seems to work really well for us. I was surprised how much Alfie liked the shower. He likes trying to catch the water 🙂 xx


  5. I must admit, I'm not a fan of doing bath time but Michael doesn't mind, so it just became his job and we've just got into the habit of doing it every night as part of his routine, so he knows it's coming up to bed time. I'm sure when he's older though, we'll not do it as much. Aw what a shame about Toby's eczema. Hope it's not too bad, bless him. xx


  6. We've yet to take Alfie swimming. I've a bit of a phobia of water – especially deep water, so I've been putting it off. However, Michael is desperate to take him and we're going on honeymoon in August, so we'll have to go before then, to get him used to being in the pool with his armbands. Eeek.
    I know what you mean about that time after their baths – Alfie's so cuddly with me and will very often snuggle into my chest when I'm drying him. He's such a daddy's boy, so I really cherish these moments.
    Aww thank you. He's been a naughty dude this weekend 😉 xx


  7. Its just recently that my son loves bathing.Before he would shriek like crazy. It part of our routine too and I love every moment of it. Alfie so so adorable in that photo #ordinarymonets


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