Meal Planning Monday #12 {15 June}

Monday again? That has come round so quickly! I can’t believe we are already half way through the year. Crazy! 

I had a really, really bad week last week food wise. I just wanted to eat everything that is bad for me, so I decided to have a week off healthy eating and not worry about counting calories or syns.(Mother Nature has paid a visit which explains why I wanted to eat everything in sight). It was refreshing being ‘off’ the diet as I am so very bad at dieting. I am a fussy eater and I don’t really like much fruit and veg, which makes it very difficult to eat healthily. That’s probably why I’m the size I am. Speaking of which, I am becoming more and more unhappy but I can’t seem to get in the right mindset. I thought over the weekend is there much point in trying so hard to lose weight when we are planning to have another baby and I’ll put it all back on again… I think I was just looking for another excuse to be honest. I was huge by the time I had Alfie – I put weight on everywhere despite eating loads of fruit and as much veg and salad as I could. Looking back on pictures from when I was 37 weeks (he was born at 39 weeks), I am huge and I think that’s why I never lost it all after I’d had him. So, I’m not going to use the fact that I want to get pregnant as an excuse as to why I can’t lose weight now. 

Anyway, I digress. 

This week, I did our meal plan whilst sat  in Starbucks, drinking peppermint tea and pouring over my slimming world book for inspiration. My hubby actually had an input in this weeks plan as I gave him the book and told him to choose some meals as I was getting bored of making the same things. 

So here is what’s on the menu this week: 

Monday: Sausage casserole and mash / sweet potato mash and veg
Tuesday: Lamb vindaloo for Michael and burger in a bowl for me
Wednesday: Slimming World spiced chicken with sweet potato wedges and salad
Thursday: Griddled turkey with rice and veg
Friday: slimming world hot dogs
Saturday: Slimming World curry

For lunches I’ll be having salad on the days I’m at work and the days I have lunch at home I’ll be having leek and potato soup, smash pizza and a picnic on Friday with Alfie (weather permitting).

As always, I’m linking up with at home with Mrs M and over on twitter (Madamding) 

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8 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday #12 {15 June}

  1. Don't be yourself up over a rubbish week Nic, our hormones play such a massive part in our emotions. It's catch 22 isn't it? I know exactly what you mean about putting weight on in pregnancy but I'm determined not to do it again (if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant again) Don't forget to give yourself some mini treats to help you stay on plan. Your meals look fab this week, have a great week sweetie xx


  2. Don't worry about a bad week, tomorrow's a new day 🙂 your meals looks delicious, I hope you have a good week and feel better about things soon xx


  3. Thanks for you lovely words as always hun. This week's plan has gone out of the window though. I've had a bit of a health scare and Alfie is really poorly and covered in chicken pox, so I've not stuck to one meal yet. I think I'm going to have to use this plan for next week and just go with the flow this week! Hope you're having a good week xx


  4. Thanks for you comment. I was really looking forward to this week's menu, but my little boy is really ill with chicken pox, so it's totally gone out of the window! There's always next week 🙂 xx


  5. Thanks for your comment. I really tried hard to plan different meals this week, but we've not been able to enjoy any of them yet as my little boy is poorly with chicken pox which has taken over everything. Here's to hoping for a better week next week. xx


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