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{The Ordinary Moments ’16} #2 Train sets

When I was pregnant with Alfie, I couldn’t imagine having a boy as I’d never really been around them, nor could I imagine buying boys toys and having my house filled with train sets, action figures or other boys toys. I have male cousins, but I’ve never been around newborn baby boys. I’m a girly girl through and through and all I could imagine was playing with dolls and all things girly!

Once Alfie was here, all those thoughts of ‘I don’t know what to do with a boy’ disappeared. He was my baby and I would learn with him.

For a long time, Alfie’s never really had a specific thing that he loved to play with. He’s got a penguin which he takes to bed and which he will cuddle if he’s having quiet time, or feeling unwell, but toys, he would flip between a lot of different ones. The same with his favourite tv shows – a lot of children are completely caught up in all things Frozen (our niece included) but Alfie swaps his favourite tv program every week (this week it’s currently Umi Zoomi, last week it was Paw Patrol)!

When Alfie turned 2, my in-laws bought him a train set. It was just a little something that he could open on the day as they’d given us some money so we could choose something. I think the train set cost about £10 and it’s been absolutely worth it. As Alfie’s nan and grandad look after him 3 mornings a week for us, he needed some toys for there, so it was agreed the train set would be left there. No matter when he’s there, be it at 8am in the morning or if we call at a weekend, it’s the first thing he wants to do.

It is by far his favourite thing to play with. So much so, that for Christmas, we decided to get him one to play at home too. It was a set bought from Smyths, but we also got him a motorway and extension set from Lidl as part of his Christmas presents. It  has been played with every single day since Christmas day. We were lucky to have 10 days off over Christmas and every single morning, before he’d even had his breakfast he would ask his Daddy to build him a train track! One morning a couple of weeks ago, when he woke up, the first thing he said was ‘I can go and play trains with Grandad’! So cute.

We’ve taken it everywhere with us, my parents, my in-laws, my grandparents and the obsession of playing trains doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon and it’s something I can see lasting for a long time to come. There’s just something about wooden toys which are so traditional and I definitely prefer them to plastic ones!


4 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments ’16} #2 Train sets

  1. Aw these are such cute photos Nic. It is funny cause we have lots of 'boys' toys in the house as the girls like them. But one thing I would love to get is a traditional train set, I think they are so cute and the girls have always enjoyed them when we have played with them at other peoples houses. Hopefully our little boy will be into them too! 😉 x


  2. So sweet that he requested to go play trains with Grandad. I love wooden train tracks. My daughter enjoys her train set and Santa have Baby Boy some additional items for it. I would the cutest wooden cars / taxi / Royal mail van from Wilkinson. I hope he continues to love this trains for a long time. #TheOrdinaryMoments


  3. Ah yes you do don't you with Mads being a tom boy 😉 I never imagined my house being filled with boys toys and it's all very new to me haha. Honestly though, this train set and the one he has at his nan's have been worth every penny! He loves it. I would definitely recommend getting one when your little boy is old enough 🙂 xx


  4. Thank you for your comment 🙂 His favourite thing is playing trains with Grandad as he's the best at building tracks 😉 It's really helped their bond and he's very close to his grandad. I think train sets are just such a lovely thing to play with and they suit all ages. I will have to check those royal mail vans out – he would love them! xx


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