{The Ordinary Moments #7} Nacho Night

On Friday’s we do nacho’s.

I can’t remember when our love for nacho night started but for a good couple of years now, Friday night has been nacho night in our house. We like to start the weekend with a treat tea and rather than ordering a take away every week, we have nacho’s.

I don’t work on Friday’s, so all day I’ll be looking forward to Michael getting in from work and Alfie going to bed, so we can have our treat. Does that make us really sad haha? My friends from work laugh at me cos we have them every week without fail. Even Alfie will ask us if we are having nacho’s on a Friday! When I was younger on Saturday’s we’d have what my Dad called a ‘fatty do’ where he would cook us a big plate of chips with salad cream and we would get lots of treats from the shops. With Alfie only being 3, he’s too young to enjoy our treat nights, but it’s something I can’t wait to get him involved in when he’s older. Silly really isn’t it.

I love how something so simple as a plate of nacho’s has become such a Friday night ritual for us.


7 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments #7} Nacho Night

  1. Those look absolutely DELICIOUS. I love nachos but weirdly we never have them at home, only ever when I am out. I have a serious craving for them now. I don't think it is weird at all- we have fajitas every Saturday and I look forward to them all week! xx


  2. They're just a box of old el paso one's – I highly recommend them 😉 Such a quick and easy meal but oh soooo good!! Ahh yes, I remember seeing about your fajita nights. We don't have those nearly enough as we should. I think I might make fajita's on Saturday night now 🙂 xx


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