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{The Ordinary Moments ’16} #14 Best Friends

Inspired by the Me and Mine project and Siblings project, I initially started taking pictures of Alfie and his cousins monthly, way back last January and at the end of the year, we put them all in a frame for my in-laws as a Christmas present from us all. The pictures were so lovely once they were all together so we decided to continue taking them this year too. I absolutely love comparison pictures and seeing how they’ve changed over the year.

The above picture was taking by Michael one Sunday whilst I was at home poorly. I was apprehensive about how the picture would turn out as Michael has absolutely no interest in taking photo’s and doesn’t think to take them unless I ask or remind him. But I sent him off armed with my camera and hoped for the best – and I’m so pleased with the result.

Over the past couple of weeks, Alfie has seen quite a bit of his cousins and in particular is very close to Holly as she’s only 3 years older than him. Jack, at 10, is a great cousin to Alfie and is so patient with him, but as the younger two are closer in age, they’ll tend to play together more.

Alfie and Holly love playing cafe – they have a toy kitchen at my inlaws house and we have a kitchen at our house and guaranteed when they’re together, you’ll find them playing cafe – pretending to take orders on the phone and serving food to us. It’s very cute.

I love watching their relationship develop and grow as they do and I feel very lucky that Alfie is able to grow up with his cousins as his best friends as I grew up with my cousins and some of the best memories from my childhood are playing various games with my cousins.

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5 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments ’16} #14 Best Friends

  1. It's so lovely how Alfie has such a great relationship with them. I do feel sad that my girls won't have any cousins for the considerable future, that is one reason why I want to give them another sibling, so we create a big family if that makes sense? And Michael did good- it is a lovely photo. x


  2. I feel really lucky that he does, I do know what you mean about your girls and I can totally understand your reasons for wanting to expand your family. I think it's lovely how close in age the girls are and it does make me wish that we'd have given Alfie a sibling sooner. xx


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