The Ordinary Moments

{The Ordinary Moments ’16} #15 Feeding the horses

I never got round to posting my Ordinary Moments Post last week for one reason or another, so I’m really, really late with this, but I still wanted to post it…

This week has seen some crazy weather. We have had the most torrential rain and hail, it’s been cold and windy and I’ve really felt fed up with it. I am desperate to get some warmer weather and see a bit of sunshine!

On Tuesday afternoon, my wish was (almost) granted as it was dry and sunny, but there was still a cold wind – the joys of living up North 😉  After Alfie and I had finished our lunch, he asked if we could go and feed the horses. Whilst we live on a relatively busy main road, it is right across the road from a horses field that has little Shetland ponies in it. Alfie and Michael spent many an evening there last year, feeding them and stroking them. So on Tuesday, it was my turn to take him and I was so pleased we were able to get out of the house. At first, they were so far away, but they soon wandered over and it was so lovely to see how brave Alfie has become when feeding them. He will think nothing of getting up close and personal to them!

I snapped these pictures of his and I love how happy he is on them.


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