The Ordinary Moments

{The Ordinary Moments ’16} #16 Fire Engines

Last Friday, Dad very kindly took me to an appointment I had and took Alfie to the park whilst they waited for me. When they came back to pick me up, a fire engine was parked outside a local school as some fire men had gone inside to do a talk to the children.

Alfie spotted it and wanted to go and see it. We have been wanting to take him to see a fire engine for such a long time, but can never seem to find any open days in our area, so I was actually quite pleased that he would get to be so close to one.

It wasn’t until we got to it that I realised that there was still two firemen inside. Once they spotted Alfie, they put the flashing lights on for him and he was so thrilled. The firemen were absolutely brilliant with him and let him go inside, answering all of his many, many questions and showed him all the equipment and what everything did and explained what they used it for.

He was allowed to sit in the drivers seat and pretend that he was really driving – they even said he could put a helmet on, but he shied away from it! We must’ve spent 30-40 minutes with them and I couldn’t thank the firemen enough for their patience with him.

Every since, he’s played with his two fire engines every day and has absolutely loved telling people about being able to sit in a real fire engine. I’m just sorry that I didn’t have my camera with me, so these photo’s are just off my iPhone!


4 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments ’16} #16 Fire Engines

  1. I couldn't believe how brilliant they were with him and how they let him get in the back to see all the equipment, then let him ride up front 😉 One of them even let him push all the buttons to put the sirens on, which he absolutely loved! It made his day – and mine!! xx


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