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20 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Number 2


Due Date:

28 October


A couple of times over the last week or so I’ve had a couple of funny episodes. The first time was one afternoon shortly after I’d got home from work. All of a sudden I went really dizzy and felt really light headed and my heart was racing so fast. I could feel it through my chest. It was quite un-nerving and I had to lie down on the couch until it passed. I thought nothing more of it until it happened again the following week, this time in the evening when Michael was home and I felt really breathless too. I’m not sure what caused it as it only lasted about 20-30 minutes on both occasions but it was not a nice feeling.

I’m also waking up more through the night now and I’m getting up once a night for the toilet, which could be much worse, so I’ll take once a night! There’s not much else to report symptom wise really. I think the second trimester is lovely as it’s (usually) very uneventful and not much happens. My bump is growing nicely and I do feel really big – I’m about the same size now, if not a bit bigger, as I was when I was 28 weeks pregnant with Alfie. Eeeek.

How is baby:

From now, the baby will be measured from crown to heel instead of crown to rump. The vernix caseosa has started to cover the baby, which is the fatty substance which helps protect the skin whilst it’s in the amniotic fluid – it also helps the birth.

How I’m feeling?

Big! I noticed I’m starting to get tired easier again now but I think a lot of that is having a three year old that I still need to parent, who’s going through a particularly difficult stage, so by the time the evening comes and he’s in bed, I’m well and truly ready to veg out.

I’m also quite angry with myself over my diet… Before I got pregnant, I’d been making a real effort to do slimming world and eat healthily, but since getting pregnant and suffering with morning sickness, a salad was the last thing I felt like eating and I’ve found it really difficult to get back in to the habit of eating healthy. I have good intentions because whenever I’m doing the food shop, I’m buying fruit and salad’s… but I’m just not very good at actually eating it! I really need a kick up the bum as I know this little bub needs lots of good foods!

The baby is moving around much more now and the movements are becoming much more distinctive with every passing day. Whilst they’re still very much feeling like flutters and bubbles popping, occasionally, they will feel like a little kick and I’m much more aware of the baby moving now. It’s very active in the early evening and at bed time and early to mid morning.

We’ve also now had our 20 week scan, which was amazing. We chose not to find out about the sex and I’m so pleased. We didn’t find out with Alfie either and I’m really happy knowing that it will be Michael who tells me what we’ve had, just like he did the first time round. Despite having copious amounts of gas and air, I remember the moment when Alfie was finally here in the world. The midwife lifted him up and said to Michael ‘Well, Daddy, what is it’ and Michael, through his tears said ‘it’s a boy, it’s Alfie’ and it was just the best feeling and the best moment through it all. It felt incredibly special  that Michael knew before me and he was the one to tell me, so I really want that to be the case this time again.


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