due in October · pregnancy · second baby

22 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Number 2


Due Date

28 October


Leg cramps! Oh the cramps! It’s only happened twice so far but it’s been so bad. Both times have been in the middle of the night and woken me up. It happened most recently the night before last and I ended up waking Michael up cos I was in so much pain! I remember with Alfie I used to get them every night for weeks and weeks and he would get up every night to help me, bless him. I’m hoping this time isn’t as bad as last time!

I’ve also felt quite moody on some days, like the smallest thing with annoy me or get under my skin, so Michael is really loving that! Thankfully, he’s got the patience of a saint, so usually just puts up with it.

I’m waking up much more in the night now for the toilet and sleeping all night is getting harder, but last night was the first time in weeks that I didn’t wake up at all from going to bed until Alfie came in to our bed at 6.40am but even then he went back to sleep for an hour. Result!

How is baby:

This baby is about the size of a papaya this week, which is about 27cm from head to toe. The baby’s gums and teeth buds are starting to form, ready for those first toothy pegs to appear a few months after it’s born.

The eyes have also formed, but as yet don’t have any colour to them due to lack of pigment in the iris.

How I’m feeling:

I’m feeling ok pregnancy wise, I can cope with the tiredness and the mood swings but yesterday I woke up to the news that the country has voted to leave the EU with a 52% majority vote. As I read the news and various social media time lines, I found myself getting so incredible upset for the country and world my babies will grow up in. Their future’s are now so uncertain and I felt quite numb all day yesterday. As parents, we want the absolute best for our children and I don’t believe that leaving the EU was the right decision. What’s even more frightening, is the amount of people googling ‘What is the EU’ AFTER they’ve voted.

It feels like such a sad time and it makes me want to protect my babies all the more.


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