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20 Week Scan – Baby Number 2

It was the 09 June. At some point in the night, Alfie had come in to our bed and gone to sleep, so when my alarm went off, I started to gently wake him. As soon as he opened his eyes, he asked me what day it was. I told him it was Thursday and his little face lit up and he shouted ‘It’s baby day’!!!

As we weren’t able to take him to our 12 week scan, we had promised him that he could come to the 20 week scan and he’d been talking about it for the last couple of week and had been telling people at nursery. As my appointment was not until 5pm, Michael and I were going to work as normal and Alfie was going to nursery. I couldn’t wait to finish and clock watched all day.

When it was finally time for me to leave work, we went and got Alfie from nursery and one of the key workers had told me that he’d been telling everyone that he was going to see the baby in Mummy’s tummy. It was really lovely to see him so excited. Back in the car, on the way to the hospital, the boys were chatting away and I thought I’d have a quick read over my notes and I noticed there was an appointment letter within my notes and that’s when I saw it:

‘Children are not permitted in the scan room’. My heart sank! How could I have missed this? I hadn’t even realised I’d been given a letter with my appointment date on until the car journey there as it had been put in between all my notes. I told Michael and he was gutted that he may have to miss it to stay in the waiting room with Alfie.

When we got there and I booked in I asked if would it be ok for him to come in and the lady was lovely and said it’s absolutely fine, but I just need to go in first so the sonographer can get all the measurements, then she’ll come back for Michael and Alfie. Phew! What a relief! The butterflies started again whilst I was in the waiting room and I was so excited. Things like this don’t happen often and we’re not planning to have any 4d scans, so this would be the last time we would be seeing our baby for a long time.

In true Alfie style, he decide he needed the toilet about 5 minutes before my appointment time, so Michael rushed there with him, but the sonographer called me in whilst they were gone. I quickly had to text him to let him know I’d been called in. Once I was in the room, it was actually lovely to just have those few minutes alone, so I could see the baby and just enjoy the moment – at the last scan, Michael got to see the baby for much longer than I did, so I really relished that time alone, watching him / her moving around. The baby was face down, so she did struggle a little to get all the measurements, but did eventually manage to get them all. I was so relieved to hear that everything was ok, and the baby was growing as it should be and it appeared that everything  was ok. The sonographer said I was measuring approximately 19-20 weeks, which is bang on what I was.  I noticed that she went to the genital area and she told me that it had its legs crossed. It’s like s/he knew that we didn’t want to know the sex.  I told the sonographer that we don’t want to know and she was really careful not to go back near that area again and it was cut off on the scan picture (I have studied it to see if I could see anything – but I can’t).

She went to get Michael and Alfie and it was beyond amazing to see Alfie’s face watching his baby brother or sister on the screen. As soon as they came in the baby lifted its arm up to ‘wave’ which Alfie loved. It was so special to see his face watching the baby and taking it all in. One thing that did concern him though was how I was going to get the jelly off my tummy 😉

And just like that, it was all over. That was it. The last time we would see our baby until she or he is here in our arms.

I can’t wait.




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