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30th Birthday (Part 4) Family Party

The final of the birthday celebrations was a family party at home. We’d planned to do a barbecue, but in true British style, one mention of the word barbecue and the weather was grey and miserable, so we brought the party indoors.

The kids played lovely together all day and were making us cups of tea from Alfie’s little kitchen and were getting outside between showers.

Michael had to a fab job decorating everywhere but so he couldn’t embarrass me with baby pictures, I put my own up 😉 Things like that really don’t bother me as I love looking back on old photo’s! He also bought me some 30th birthday party props, which we had a great time with.

It was nothing fancy and nothing special, just all my favourite together for the afternoon. What could be better?

Once everyone had left, I felt quite sad. The kind of feeling you get when you’re coming home from a holiday. I had such an amazing week of birthday celebrations and I really could not have wished for anything more. Michael absolutely blew me away with all the presents and things he had planned for me.

I’m one very lucky lady indeed!


IMG_0002 IMG_9997 IMG_9969 IMG_9994 IMG_9990 IMG_9981 IMG_9975 IMG_9971 IMG_9966 IMG_9964 IMG_9961 IMG_9959 IMG_0005 IMG_9976IMG_0034 IMG_0035


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