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Me and Mine – June 2016



WOW. The end of June AND half way through the year! I cannot believe that we are already half way through 2016, it’s going incredibly quickly.

June has been a lovely month. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had moments of complete despair with Alfie’s behaviour, but on the whole it’s been really nice and a lot more relaxed after last month’s crazy birthday celebrations (which you can read about here, here, here and here).

At the start of the month, we were blessed with a couple of days of glorious weather, which meant that Alfie could go in his paddling pool and we had an impromptu barbecue with my in-laws (typically, it was actually too hot for them, so we ended up sitting in the kitchen with the doors open haha).


Michael and I celebrated our six year anniversary and I wrote this post about it. I never imagined when I first met him that I’d be married to him with two children within six years, but I do believe everything happens for a reason.

We’ve also visited my sister in law and brother in law at their caravan in Morecambe. The weather had been hit and miss all week, but we decided to bite the bullet and still go. Michael’s mum and dad also came, which I was really pleased about (My FIL had been a bit unwell, so we wasn’t sure if they’d make it) but I’m so pleased they did as I really love it when we are all together. On the way there, the rain was torrential – we could barely see through the window, it was so bad. I’m glad it was Michael driving. I wrote about the day here.

I’ve also fallen in love again with our local country park.  Haigh Hall, or Haigh Woodland Park as it’s now been renamed to, has had a makeover and it’s somewhere I hope we’ll be spending many days over the summer (weather permitting). We actually have our work’s summer event there this weekend, so I’m hoping it’s going to be dry!


Michael has been enjoying watching the Euro’s but was really disappointed when they were knocked out by Iceland. He’s a real football fan and he can’t wait to take Alfie to his first match. I have never known anyone to have as much football knowledge as he does – he remembers things from the first World cup he watched when he was only five or six!

I’ve finally caught up with my Pregnancy Updates and the weeks are now flying by. At the start of the month we had our 20 Week Scan and  I loved seeing the baby again, and Alfie was with us, which made it all the more special.


Father’s day was a quiet affair really with us not really doing anything special apart from being together. I let Michael have a lie in and took Alfie down for breakfast, but he was so excited that he couldn’t wait for his Daddy to get up, so I allowed him to go and wake him up at 9am. I didn’t go mad with presents this year like I normally would. I bought him a nice gift box and filled it with a few treats – a new cd he wanted, a lush bath bomb with DAD on it (for him and Alfie to share), his favourite chocolates and some beers. I do find it hard to make the day about Michael as we both have to go and see our own Dad’s so we have to split our time, so I don’t get to spoil him as much as I’d like.

At the end of the month we celebrated my sister turning 21. She didn’t want a big party, so she decided to have a family barbecue at home, which was lovely and thankfully the rain held off.


June, it’s been fun. Here’s to hopefully a much hotter July!



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