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{The Ordinary Moments ’16} #22 The Group Cuddle

I can’t remember when this tradition started, but it’s one we’ve all grown to love… The group cuddle.

As Alfie has got older, he’s less and less cuddly, but he really loves us all having a group hug. He’ll wrap his arms around mine and his Daddy’s neck, so tight and we’ll all snuggle in together and there’ll be lots of kisses on cheeks and squeezes. At first, it would be me that would instigate them, but more and more Alfie is asking for a group cuddle.

It’s just such a lovely thing and whilst it only last a few seconds, it’s a moment that I really treasure and something I don’t want to forget. With a new baby on the way, I’m hoping that there’ll be plenty more group cuddles for the foreseeable, but I’m all too aware that the day will come where Alfie won’t be seen dead giving his Mum and Dad a big cuddle and for that reason, I will enjoy every single one.

IMG_9271 (1)

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2 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments ’16} #22 The Group Cuddle

  1. Aw this is so lovely Nic, we have a similar thing which we call a ‘family cuddle’. You are so right, someday they won’t to do this so we need to take advantage of it while we can! xx


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