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28 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Number 2



Due Date:

28 October


SPD! I think I noticed this just after I posted my last update and it’s gradually got worse. It’s not so bad that I can’t manage it, but some days are worse than others. The days where I’m at work, sat down for 9 hours a day are the worst because sitting in an office chair for long periods is hard. I find myself hobbling when I get up. The same in the morning – a couple of morning’s I’ve found it quite hard to get up and have felt quite a dull pain in my pelvis. It does tend to ease off throughout the day as long as I get the balance right of not sitting for too long and not walking round too much either. I’ve spoken to my midwife about it, who’s given me some tips to manage it, such as getting in and out of bed with my knees together and pushing up with my hands from my waist instead of my belly and not crossing my legs (I’m terrible for this).

That aside, I’ve also been getting heartburn more frequently in the evening’s and I’m getting to the stage where my sleep is pretty disturbed all night long. If I’m not getting up for  the toilet, then I’m tossing and turning as I can’t get comfy or there is too much pressure on my belly. I’m finding that tiredness creeping in again but on the whole, I know I’m having a great pregnancy and I’m lucky that these are the only symptoms I’ve had.

How is baby:

The baby is approx 37cms or the same size as the head of a cauliflower and can now blink it’s eyes, which also now have eyelashes. S/he may be able to see light which is filtered through the womb (Michael told me this after reading something and had me shining my iPhone torch on my belly, but nothing happened)! S/he will now look very much like a baby, but still has a few more pounds to gain in these final few weeks. The heartbeat is strong and can be picked up using a stethoscope.

How I’m feeling: 

Better! I saw my midwife on Friday and since then I’ve been feeling so much better about things. As I’ve mentioned a few times, I feel really unprepared this time and almost like I’ve not really had the chance to embrace this pregnancy like I did the last. With that in mind, I’ve been making a real effort to spend a bit of time each day to just focus on my little bub. Even as I’m typing this s/he is kicking away to let me know they are there. In the evening’s when Alfie is in bed, I’ll put my hands on my belly and gently push or tap to see if I get a response and more often that not I do. It still amazes me every single time – I feel like I’m really communicating with him / her. It’s something I will really miss.

Even though it’s kicks are strong, Alfie still hasn’t felt it moving, although it’s not through want of trying. I tend to get the most movement early in the morning’s as I get to work, some more around lunch for a little while, then really strong movement in the evening. This is usually when Michael feels it the most and I love watching his face light up every time he gets a kick.

I’ve become more organised in terms of clothes. I’ve bought a few more bits and Michael found all Alfie’s baby clothes in the attic. As we didn’t find out what we were having with him either, I purposely saved all the unisex clothes we had for him, such as vests, baby grows, hats, cardi’s etc as I knew I would want another baby. I was really shocked at just how much we had though. It’s a big relief really because money is tight and will be even more so when I’m on maternity leave. I’ve sorted them all out into age range and started to wash them all and I can’t believe how tiny some of the newborn things actually are.

Alfie is getting more involved and he’ll often kiss my belly unprompted or say he loves the baby to the moon and back. It literally makes my heart melt. He’s loved looking at all the little clothes with me and we keep putting the small ones in his arms to give him an idea of just how tiny the baby will be. It makes my heart burst.

I’m pretty certain that I want to use the birthing suite at the hospital (if it’s available) and I’m open to the idea of a water birth. I’m not sure if I want the baby when I’m in the water, but I do think I want to be in the water at some point and I’d like to be left with Michael for as long as possible, so it is just us and I can have some music on and make it really relaxed. Obviously, I know this might not happen as there can be complications, but I’m really low risk so all being well, I’ll be lucky enough to have an easy labour as I did with Alfie. I use the term ‘easy’ very loosely. I was in labour for 11 hours but actually having him was the easiest part of all. It was actually delivery of the placenta and the stitches which were the absolute part because I was only seen by a doctor to be stitched about 2 hours after birth, so a lot of the numbness had gone and the gas and air did absolutely nothing.

This has also made me consider delayed cord clamping this time as I felt it was so rushed last time and there seems to be far more benefits to delayed clamping than there is to immediate clamping. It’s something I’m going to look more into and read up on. Another thing I will be reading is my hypnobirthing book – Michael has ordered me one off eBay so I’m just waiting for it to be delivered.

Overall, I’m feeling much more in control and calmer about things. I do hope the next few weeks don’t fly by though as I am really relishing feeling my little baby kick and move around inside me and it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world.


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