The Ordinary Moments

{The Ordinary Moments ’16} #23 A day at the fire station

On Saturday, we took Alfie to our local firestation’s open day. It was something which we’d been looking forward to all week and it didn’t disappoint. He went in a fire engine totally by chance back in April. Since then, he’s been to a couple of open days with Michael whilst I’ve been at work and I was sad to have missed out.

The sun was shining, it was as glorious day and the smile on my boys face made standing around in the heat at 7 months pregnant, totally worthwhile. He absolutely loved it! Michael and I were also really impressed with how much effort they’d gone to.

At the front of the fire station was a large digger and they had set up a little game – they’d put footballs on top of cones and the kids had to try and knock them off in to the bucket below.



There was such a big selection of things for the kids to go in – fire engines, fast response cars, an ambulance and a speedboat. The day was so well organised and didn’t cost anything. My only regret is we didn’t get there earlier!



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