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30 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Number 2

IMG_1238Due Date:

28 October


Sensitive teeth! Oh my days, this past couple of weeks, I’ve had ridiculously sensitive teeth. It started by me waking one day with the gum on my right side feeling swollen and I realised it was my wisdom tooth again – every few months, it happens and it’s just so painful. As the swelling went down, the left side started hurting and  I’m getting a lot of instances where my gums are bleeding when I’m cleaning my teeth. I know this is a symptom cause by all the hormones, but it’s making me feel pretty miserable. I’m at the dentist in a couple of weeks, so hopefully, he’ll be able to tell me if it is just down to pregnancy or something else.

In the way of other symptoms, I’ve not really had any others. I’m coping with my SPD, as long as I get the balance right between not sitting too long or not doing too much walking. Speaking of which, I am now full on waddling! Michael pointed it out to me the other day when I was walking somewhere to meet him and Alfie. Just what I needed to hear!

I have notice I’m more short of breath now, and according to the baby centre emails I get this too is a symptom because of the increased blood supply. Even getting up stairs and walking too long is a struggle. We took Alfie on a bike ride around the Macron Stadium (Bolton Wanders’ ground) and I really struggled by the time we’d got round it. It’s one thing I definitely won’t miss!

I also seem to have gone off tea again. I love a good cup of tea but I’m just not enjoying them again, which is really annoying! In terms of cravings, I differ from one day to the next. I’ve been eating loads of cake – the vanilla sponge ones or the jam and cream fingers but then other days, I’ll want savoury things and have also been eating lots more cheese and crackers and chip and dip. They seem to be the main things I can’t get enough of right now!

How is baby:

The baby is approximately 40cms and about 3lbs. They will start to slow down growing in length, but will still put weight on steadily over the next 10 weeks.

The lungs and digestive tract are almost fully developed and s/he can open his / her eyes, although it’s vision is still very limited – it’s around 20/400 where as normal vision is 20/20.

How I’m feeling

I’ve said all the way through this pregnancy that I just don’t feel prepared. Although I’ve been taking photos and posting them with the week numbers on it, I don’t think it’s actually sunk in that I’m 7 months pregnant and in my third trimester. A few people keep telling me that second babies tend to come sooner and faster but I’m sure that s/he won’t arrive until November. I’m not finishing work until 12 October and my official due date is 28 October. Michael joked to me that if the baby is a couple of weeks early, then I’d not have even gone on maternity leave! It was quite a scary thought and made me wonder if I should be finishing earlier. I follow a couple of lovely ladies on instagram who are pregnant and both are finishing quite a few weeks before… If this baby does what it’s brother did and comes a week early, then I’ll have have been on mat leave around a week. I don’t know why, but I just feel certain that it’s not going to come until November.

 Something Michael and I have discussed this week is what we do about Alfie in the first couple of weeks when Michael is on paternity leave. From October, he will be going to nursery five mornings a week, instead of the 2 full days and one morning he does now. The main reason for this was because we wanted to utilise his full 15 hours which he gets for free and we didn’t want to pay for him going additional hours whilst I was at home and on maternity pay.

Another thing is I’ve always said, is that I wanted to have another baby before Alfie started school so I could have time at home with both children. I would hate for Alfie to feel left out by having to go to school every day whilst I was at home with the baby. Especially if the baby was to come during the week and he’d have to go back to school the next day. So, when I approached the subject with Michael about keeping Alfie off for the first week after the baby was born, I was quite upset to be told he wasn’t so keen. My reasoning for keeping Alfie off is that for the first two weeks, Michael is going to be off and we won’t get another block of time like that,with the four of us, until Christmas where we will all be together with no routines and I really wanted to make the most of it. However, Michael thinks it might be a good idea to keep Alfie off for just a couple of days instead of a full week, because him being at nursery will give us a bit of a break. He’s quite demanding and won’t play on his own for long and if Michael is there, he is like his shadow, so Michael doesn’t actually get much of a break when Alfie is around. I can see where he’s coming from, but I would still like to have a few days with the four of us. We are going to have to see on what day the baby arrives and make a decision from there I think.

I still can’t believe that I’ve only got 10 weeks until due date now. We’ve got a quite a few things coming up with our anniversary, Alfie’s birthday, my Dad’s birthday, then Mum’s 50th, my FIL’s birthday and niece’s birthday so that’s certainly going to keep me busy. It’s giving me something to focus on and once I pass each event, I know I’m one step closer to meeting the baby.

I’m also on countdown to leaving work. I usually work 3 full days 8am – 5pm and 2 half days 8am – 12pm. With holiday’s, I’ve no more 5 day weeks left and I’ve only 8 full days and 17 half days to work, which is completely manageable. I am really looking forward to not having to set me alarm once I’m on maternity leave!

I’ve also thought lots about my birth plan, having a water birth, what kind of pain relief I’d like and delayed cord clamping – but I’m going to do that in a separate post.

So that’s all for this fortnight. As I’ve only 10 weeks to go, I do think I’m going to start doing weekly updates again, but we’ll see if I’ve much to talk about next week 🙂


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