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No More Sunday’s!

Today I’m …


Because I have worked my last Sunday until next year. I have been looking forward to this day for such a long time – long before I was even pregnant if I’m honest. I’ve mentioned before that we only have one day a week as a family, which is a Saturday, as I work Sunday – Thursday and Michael works Monday – Friday. We’ve done this for 18 months and I’m not going to lie – it’s been really hard. Knowing that I don’t have to work another Sunday until next year is a huge weight off my shoulders. I’ve recently moved departments at work, and I had already booked the first two Sunday’s off in September and the first two in October on my old department as we’ve got Alfie’s birthday party and a few other birthday’s that I wanted to be around for, but I was really lucky that when I moved, I was able to book the two Sunday’s in between the ones I’d already booked off, meaning it gives me 6 Sunday’s off before I’m officially on maternity leave. I just feel so happy and lucky that I’m going to have approximately six weeks of having a 2 day weekend with Alfie and Michael. It honestly feels like such a luxury!

I’m also really glad for Alfie, as once the baby is here, we are all too aware that for a little while things are going to change until we find our groove and get into a new routine with the four of us. I really want the next few weeks to be about Alfie as much as possible and to spend the weekends making the most of them. Michael very often takes Alfie swimming on Sunday’s whilst I’m at work and a couple of weekends ago I went and watched (I don’t have a maternity costume yet) but Alfie’s asked me to go in with him next time, so I’ve agreed I will go this Sunday with them. I’m really excited as when I went watching him a couple of weeks ago, it was the first time I’d seen him swimming since we were on honeymoon two years ago, when he was only one. He’s come so far since then and is so confident in the water and it was an absolute joy seeing him swimming about in the pool on his own and jumping off the side to Michael, with no fear. I actually got quite teary watching him there because I feel like I’ve missed out on so much with not being able to go with them, plus it made me realise how much my baby has grown. The first time he went in the pool on honeymoon, he was so unsure and spent a few days clinging to Michael, but by the end of the holiday, he’d really grown in confidence and loved being in the water and watching him a couple of weeks ago just showed me how much more he’s grown in confidence and he’ll happily swim about on his own!

On Saturday, we are having his 4th birthday party – it won’t be anything too big, just our family at home with a bit of a buffet and a cake then on Sunday we’ve said we’ll take him swimming and I’m hoping it’s something we can do for the next few weeks until the baby arrives and I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to it! To have a proper family day, where our day is not dictated by food shopping and running errands. It can be about Alfie and having a fun day with him!

There’s not really much point to this post, other than how incredibly happy and relieved I am and how having these 6 (ish) weekends is just going to make such a huge difference to us a family, until of course everything changes again and we have a brand new addition to our little family.


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