me and mine

Me and Mine – August 2016

August has been a relatively quiet month for us really. To be honest, I’m glad because the next couple of months are quite busy, starting with Alfie’s birthday party on the 3rd September and his birthday on the 7th, then we’ve quite a lot of family birthday’s and parties during October, and of course the baby will be due at the end of October (although I’m still convinced s/he won’t arrive until November).

I had my 28 week midwife appointment at the start of the month and everything is ok. The baby was measuring at exactly 28 weeks and we listened to the heartbeat. I know there’s the old wives tale of if it sounds like a galloping horse it’s a girl and if it sounds like a train it’s a boy. I’m so thankful that I couldn’t differentiate – my midwife is so lovely and really loved that I didn’t find out the sex at our scan, so she didn’t give her opinion either way on what she thought it sounded like (the midwife I had with Alfie did tell me what she thought it sounded like at the time, so it stuck with me for the rest of my pregnancy – and she was right)! It was lovely to hear the heartbeat and to know that the baby is growing strong. I will really miss being pregnant, so I’m really trying to relish everything – even the blood test I had to have! You can read about my pregnancy updates here.

One thing I’ve really enjoyed this month, is taking Alfie to our local fire station open day. He had the best time and it was a really good afternoon – I wrote about it in my Ordinary Moments post

As it’s been the summer holidays, my in-laws have also been looking after our niece and nephew as well as Alfie, so I’ve had at least one day a week off over Summer so my in-laws didn’t have all three kids for 3 consecutive morning’s. It’s been lovely being able to slow down a bit in August and I must admit, the extra day’s off have really helped me. We’ve not really had much of a Summer again, but we’ve tried to make the most of getting out in the garden whenever the weather has been nice enough.

We also took another trip to my sister and brother in laws caravan a couple of weekends ago. I had big plans of picnic’s on the beach and the kids playing out on the field at the front of the caravan, but sadly it was a total wash out! It poured with rain from us leaving our house in the morning, until we got back in the car to come home. It didn’t stop the kids fun though and my inlaws kindly took the kids to a local soft play for an hour or so to give us time to catch up with my sister and brother in law, which was really nice as we don’t often get the chance. The kids actually surprised me by posing for a picture without me even asking, and they did a pretty good job!


I’ve also been out twice in one week – this NEVER happens! Last Friday, I went out with my cousin to celebrate her 30th (she was on holiday for her actual birthday), so we went out for a meal, just the two of us. It was nothing fancy as she didn’t want a big fuss so we went to Bella Italia and chatted for hours. It was so nice to have a proper catch up and go out for a meal together as she would just normally come to our house for tea. We definitely must do it again soon.

Michael and I also celebrated our two year anniversary. TWO YEARS! I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone. I’ve written a little post about it here… I still feel so lucky that my husband came in to my life when he did and I don’t think I could have found a more perfect partner to share this crazy journey with. He’s the best Daddy and husband I could wish for!

After reading a couple of bloggers’ posts about their recent baby ‘sprinkles’, I’ve decided to have my own (it’s basically a mini baby shower but without being too extravagant). I decided a while ago I wasn’t having a baby shower as I couldn’t really justify catering for it and spending so much money on decorations etc. However, after thinking about it for a very long time, I thought it would be nice to go for an afternoon tea, with my closest family and friends. So, it’s not going to be about games and gifts but celebrating this very special little baby. I found a gorgeous little tea shop about 10 minutes away from where I live and inside is just right up my street – think lots of bunting, shabby chic / vintage décor and very quaint little touches. I went on Saturday to try it out and absolutely fell in love with it – I can’t believe I’ve not been before!

Once again, our picture this month has been left to the last minute. I just can’t seem to get Alfie to co-operate on the days that I plan to take them. I’m hoping now that I have No More Sunday’s to work for the rest of the year, that I might be more organised and have more time. I wanted to do this month’s on our anniversary or the caravan, but Alfie wouldn’t play ball. I have decided to stop putting so much pressure on myself to try to get the perfect picture of us as that’s not what Me and Mine is about – it’s about a photo of us every month and if that means taking another picture in the garden or Alfie’s bedroom because it’s the only places I can bribe him to sit still long enough, then so be it. I know when I look back on them in years to come, I’ll treasure them regardless of where they’re taken and even if we don’t look perfect.

So, this is us in August.


I am looking so pregnant and tired on these pictures but I actually love them, because it’s how I’m looking right now and will be a good reminder of how I looked when I was 31 weeks pregnant with baby number 2.


Next month is going to be an exciting month with my beautiful boy turning four and it could potentially our last month as a family of three!


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