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32 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Number 2



Due Date:

28 October


I think it’s inevitable that at 32 weeks pregnant comes with the usual symptoms – back ache, swollen hands and feet, not being able to sleep, taking at least one toilet trip a night, (sometimes two), spd, cramps, being so tired that you can’t keep your eyes open, but when your head hits that pillow you’re struck down with good old pregnancy insomnia…

These last couple of weeks, I’ve really suffered with all of the above. On quite a few occasions in the evening, the baby has been moving so much that it’s actually been quite painful for me and I just can’t seem to rest. I don’t remember being this uncomfortable with Alfie at this stage and it was much later when I felt this kind of discomfort. The baby is making really big movements all the time now and it’s taken me by surprise just how painful they have been.

More often than not, the baby can be found on my right hand side and recently, it’s been so high that it’s really taken my breath away and felt really pushed up against my ribs. I have to gently try and push it down to get it to move so I can breathe! Also, I find that when I am in pain, resting one hand on the top of my bump does ease the pressure which helps. If I’m in bed at night and I turn to lay on my right hand side, I can very often feel the baby right under me because of the position I’m in, which feels bizarre. It also has had hiccups one morning at 5am, which kept me awake for a while. It’s those times that I really enjoy the most, where there’s only me and the baby awake and I get to treasure the moment.

A few people have said that I’m much bigger this time around bump wise, but that I am just all bump. I’ve noticed I’ve put weight on in my face as that’s always the first place I put it on, but apart from that I’m still in normal sized clothes, I’m just wearing maternity versions, so I do think I could be mostly bump this time round, whereas with Alfie, I put weight on everywhere and I felt so big by the end!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d been suffering from heartburn which seems to have subsided now and I’m only getting it very, very occasionally for a few minutes. That’s been a welcome relief.

I still don’t seem to be enjoying my cups of tea, which I’m really missing but I’m drinking far too much diet coke – I know how terrible it is, but I can’t get enough. I am trying to limit myself to one glass or can a day though. I’m also still massively craving cream cakes. For someone who isn’t a particular cake lover, I cannot get enough!

How is baby:

The baby is approximately 15-17 inches and it’ll actually gain a third of its birth weight in the next few weeks! S/he now has finger nails, toes nails and real hair  and the skin is becoming soft and smooth. Interestingly when the baby sleeps, it will have dreams now!

How I’m feeling:

Still in denial I think… Michael and I are so excited to meet the new baby, but I think I’m being consumed by worry at the moment. I’m the type of person who likes to plan things down to the finest detail and I like to know exactly what is happening and when. One thing that’s causing me concern at the moment is Alfie … When I went into labour with him, it was the middle of the night and I was in hospital by 6am. What is getting me a bit stressed is worrying about all the different scenario’s such as, what will happen if I’m on my own with Alfie when I go in to labour or my waters break, what if I can’t get hold of Michael or he doesn’t make it home quick enough (he works 30 mins away from home, whereas last time he was only 10 minutes away), what do I do if I’m on my own, who will get Alfie if I go into labour whilst he’s at nursery for the morning? At this stage, all I do know is that if it’s the middle of the night, then my parents are going to come and stay with him, so we don’t need to get him out of bed. If it’s a morning and he’s at nursery, then my father in law will get Alfie from nursery, when he finishes and I imagine take him home and would perhaps drop my mother in law off to stay with me, until Michael got there.

I know I can’t plan anything because I will have no idea when the baby is going to come so all I can do is make sure everyone is on standby. Fortunately enough, if anything was to happen to me, then Alfie can use my phone to ring people (he’s self-taught), so I know that he would have no problems ringing Michael or his Nan.

It’s Alfie’s birthday this week, so I’ve tried not to focus on the baby as much and I’ve not packed any hospital bags. I wanted to make sure that when it was Alfie’s birthday, it was about him and there was no baby bags around or my thoughts weren’t being taken over with what to pack etc.  Alfie has been brilliant and is really taking an interest in the baby, very often asking to look at my belly to see how big it is, or coming over to cuddle it. I said to him the other day ‘When you’re a big brother…’ he looked at me and said, so matter of factly ‘Mummy, I’m already a big brother’. It made my heart burst!

Apart from that, I am feeling ok. I finish work in 5 weeks, when I’ll be 37+5 – I know I’m leaving it rather late until I finish, but I don’t think I’ll be able to afford to be off as long as I initially thought due to finances, so as I’m feeling ok (so far), I wanted to finish as late as I could.

I’m convinced that I’m not going to have the baby until November, but Michael thinks I’ll have it around my due date. In fact, most of my family think I’m going to have the baby in October, and there’s only a couple of us who think I’ll go in to November.

I hope the majority are right because I can’t wait to meet this little one.



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