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34 Weeks Pregnancy Update – baby number 2


Due Date:

28 October


Wow! What a couple of weeks it’s been! A couple of days after my last pregnancy update, I noticed I was getting a lot of cramp in my hands and they were really swollen. Over the next few nights, I started to wake with really painful cramp and pins and needles  in my hand which would last until around mid afternoon then start again in bed at night. I’ve discovered it’s carpel tunnel and boy does it hurt! Some mornings have been so bad that I’ve not been able to hold my hairdryer in a morning! Thankfully for the last couple of nights, it’s not been too bad and hasn’t woken me up, but I’ve still had it in the mornings. I’ve never experienced it before, or really knew much about it until I got it!

I’ve also been getting lots more cramp in my legs and feet which I remember from last time round but I’ve (touch wood), not suffered too badly with this.

SPD this week has been a lot more manageable as I’ve tried to rest a lot more and I’ve been sitting on my birthing ball at home if I’ve been really uncomfortable – although trying to get it off Alfie is a task in itself as he seems to think it’s a giant bouncy ball for him to play with!

I’m also suffering with really bad heartburn in the evening’s. For a few nights it’s started when I’ve been in bed at night and been really severe, so gaviscon has been my new bff!

I do feel like I’m suffering a lot more this time around at this stage than I did with Alfie at 34 weeks. When I think back though, by this time with Alfie I’d finished work so was spending my days pottering about at home, getting things ready, relaxing when I needed to and generally taking it easy Whereas this time, I’m still up for work just before 7am every day, two days a week I work 8am to 5pm and the other two days I work until 12pm and then have Alfie all afternoon until Michael comes home, which is exhausting in itself. I try so hard to play but I’m in too pain with the spd to sit on the floor playing diggers and I don’t think he understands why I can’t play, so there’s been an awful lot of Mummy guilt on my part.

In terms of sleep, I’m still up once a night for the toilet, which is manageable and some nights I’ll sleep really well, whereas others, I feel like I’m awake all night. On the nights where I’ve been waking up with the pains in my hands, I’ve really struggled and some nights I’ll toss and turn all night. For the past few nights I’ve been using an extra pillow and had one between my legs too when I’ve been on my side and I feel like it’s helped massively as I’ve been sleeping much better so I’m going to continue with this.

That’s pretty much it in terms of symptoms. For now.

How Is  Baby:

The baby is around 5lbs now and around the size of a cantaloupe. It’s getting fatter and has very smooth skin. The hearing is now developed so it can hear our voices, especially Alfie’s as it’s more high pitched.  

How I’m feeling: 

Still totally in denial haha. I had a midwife appointment on Friday and we talked about when I have the baby and something was said about the weight and she said ‘if you have the baby at 37 weeks… followed by, or if you have it at 42 weeks’ and this really made it hit home. I COULD have the baby when I am 37 weeks, which is just 3 weeks away. I’m not even due to go on maternity leave until I’m 37+5! So this has me slightly concerned, especially as when she checked, she told me that the baby is head down, so it’s already in position. I know this doesn’t necessarily mean anything but as I was a week early with Alfie, it has just made me ever so slightly worried that it may actually be early, or at least on time after all and not late like I think. I guess the baby will come when it’s ready!

Speaking of the midwife, we listened to the heartbeat again and there is absolutely no doubt that the heartbeat sounded like galloping horses. If the old wives tails are to be believed, then this means it’s a girl. When I was pregnant with Alfie, the midwife listened to his and said it sounded like a train and he was a boy. So a part of me is wondering how accurate it is. The midwife on Friday didn’t comment on it sounding like horses and just said how strong it is. She even showed me how to tell where the baby’s head is, so it was lovely letting Michael and Alfie feel when they got home. I had recently had a lot of really big, uncomfortable movements so this must have been when the baby was turning. It’s quite surreal knowing that it’s engaged.

We also briefly discussed birthing options and the midwife told me that I’m the perfect candidate for the birthing suite, which was music to my ears as this is my preferred option. What I didn’t realise though is it’s like a birth centre, but within the hospital. I know in some area’s, they have separate midwife led birth centres, which are separate from the hospital, but at Bolton, it’s within the hospital so it’ll always be available. The only thing I might not be able to use is a birthing pool as there are only 2, but if I can’t, then there’s still baths in the birthing suite rooms.

I also discussed delayed cord clamping and Linda (the midwife) said that the birthing suite is definitely the better option for me if I want delayed cord clamping because the midwives will support this and won’t rush things, like the ones with Alfie did.

I came away feeling so positive and excited. I think for the first time in a long time, it really hit home that we are going to have another little baby soon and in another 3 weeks I’ll be full term! With that in mind, I’ve told Michael we need to be getting things ready now – the next to me crib and pram / car seat are still in the loft, I’ve not packed my hospital bags, we’ve not sorted out our room to accommodate the baby being in there, we also need to sort out the front bedroom so that we’ve somewhere to put all the baby’s things too.  I think the next few weekends will be spent getting all this done because I’d like to be completely ready no later than 38 weeks.

Alfie is also talking about the baby a lot more and is VERY interested to know how it comes out. He asked me the other day does it come out of my belly button, so I’ve told him it does and that’s how the doctors and nurses take it out, he also asked if it tickled – if only it did! I feel a bit awkward answering these questions. I don’t mind Alfie knowing how babies come into the world, but I’m mindful of him talking to the other children at nursery and their parents not wanting their children to know, so I do tend not to go into too much detail. I don’t know if this is right or wrong though?!

I can’t believe when I do my next update, I’ll only be a few days away from going on maternity leave! This pregnancy has just flown by!




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