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What’s in my hospital bag for baby?

This time round, I’ve decided to pack 2 hospital bags – one for me and one for the baby. I’m incredibly lucky that I’m a low risk, so I’m not planning to stay in overnight this time, however, I do want to plan for every eventuality, so I’m probably packing a little more than I actually need.  For the baby’s bag, I’m using the same bag as I used last time as I still love it and it’s rarely been used! Plus it can be used on a bag or wheeled, so it’ll make things that bit easier I think.

I’ve five weeks to go until my due date so thought it was a good time to start packing mine and the babies bags.

So, this is what I’m taking for the baby (as I said I’ve over packed, but last time with Alfie, I was only there for one night, but we ran out of clothes for him because he was so sick, so I want to make sure that doesn’t happen again).

Nappies – I’m probably going to take half a  pack of pampers as I don’t think we’ll be in there long enough to need a full pack, but I don’t want to run out either!

Vests / Babygrows – I’m planning to pack a few of each because as I say, we ran out of clothes last time with not taking enough clothes and wer’re not sure how big the baby will be.

Muslins – I’ll probably take 3 as they’re so useful

Bibs – I’ll be taking a couple of bibs which are fasten ones rather than the pull over ones

Hats – 2, but I’m not sure if I’ll need them until we are leaving

 Cardigans – As I’m only due late October, I’m expecting it to be pretty cold and my Auntie has very kindly knitted me a pink cardigan and a blue cardigan. As we don’t know what we’re having I didn’t want to buy lots of pink / blue clothes, so I thought a little cardigan to go over the coming home outfit would be quite cute

Cotton Wool – I’ll only be taking a couple of these to use to clean the baby’s eyes in the morning if we do stay over

Water Wipes – I’ve never used these before but I have heard amazing things about them, so I plan to take these to use on that first meconium nappy! I find that cotton wool tends to stick and ends up making more mess and water wipes are 99% water so you know they’re incredibly gentle and safe to use.

Nappy bags – For the first couple of nappies, but also for putting any clothes in which the baby may have been sick on. We still use these with Alfie and they’re ideal.

Nappy Cream / Ointment – I’ll probably take one of the ones that I got free in my Emma’s diary packs

Baby Towel – I don’t think I’ll need it, but with Alfie, he did have a bath before we left, so just in case this baby does too, I want to make sure I can wrap it up warmly afterwards

Baby wash mit – as above really – in case the baby has a bath before coming home

Coming home outfit – As of yet, I’ve not decided which outfit will be the coming home outfit. I think I may let Alfie choose so I’ll probably take 2 potential outfits that could be for coming home in.

I’m also going to be taking some of the small ready made cartons of formula and a couple of small bottles. Whilst I do intend on breastfeeding, I didn’t have a good experience last time and Alfie wouldn’t latch on. We didn’t take any milk last time, which I think made things more stressful as there was a lot of pressure on me to feed Alfie, and when he wouldn’t latch on, I got really upset. I don’t want that to happen this time which is why I’ve decided it won’t do any harm to take formula and bottles just in case. (Although I am going to be more insistent that this baby has a feed from me within the first hour, unlike with Alfie, and I won’t be leaving until I feel comfortable feeding).





And that’s the baby’s bag – there are still a few bits I need to buy this week, but is there anything else I need that I’ve not mentioned?


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