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Alfie’s 4th Birthday Family Party

I had grand plans for Alfie’s 4th birthday this year with it being his last birthday as our only child. However, it didn’t quite turn out as planned. I think this is mainly to do with running out of time. Since I’ve been pregnant, especially the past few weeks, I seem to have lost all my organisational and planning skills and then there was the financial aspect to add to it – planning a big party and birthday can be costly and as I’m due to go on maternity leave in a few weeks, sadly I just couldn’t justify the big party I had planned in my head. He said he wanted a turtles party, so I did get some bits off Amazon to put up for him, which he absolutely loved.




I felt terribly guilty because we didn’t really get him much to open  this year. He had been asking for a trampoline for quite a while, as he loves going on his cousins, so we bought him one as his main present, which we let him have on the day off his party, but for his actual birthday, all he really had to open off us was a few additions to his train track, such as bridges and a turn table and we got him a couple of games. Mummy guilt hit me hard… It needn’t have though because he was absolutely thrilled with what he got and seeing his face on the day made me realise he doesn’t need lots and lots of presents to open. As my mother in law pointed out, kids usually get so distracted by the first present they open, that they don’t realise there’s still other things there to open.

We kicked off the Birthday celebrations with a family party at home, as we do every year, the Saturday before his birthday. Lately, Alfie has got quite into the teenage mutant ninja turtles and had said this is the theme he wanted. I didn’t go mad, but we did get a few banners, a turtles balloon, some decorations to hang from the ceiling and a couple of other bits, such as turtles masks for the kids to play with (and Daddy)!

We had such a lovely day and my Godmother brought her granddaughter who is a couple of months older than Alfie. They’ve not seen each other for a long time, but I think Alfie was quite taken to her and it was nice to see him playing with someone other than his cousin. The adults chatted and laughed all day, the kids were running riot inside (in true British style, it poured down all day)!

My mum bought Alfie a game which we let him open on the day as it was a game she really wanted him to play at his party. I knew what it was before he had opened it because when she arrived, she’d put a can of squirty cream in the fridge… yep, she’d bought him cake splat!! There was no way I was going to play it, but my husband and sister and father in law are such good sports and played along with the kids. When Alfie was splat, I think he was quite embarrassed and had he had been with just us, I do think he’d have had a little cry. Michael also picked up on this, so being quick thinking, quickly put some of the cream on his face too so Alfie could laugh at him, which made things better!

Overall, the day was a success and I despite the awful weather we had.



img_2971 img_2978





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