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36 Week Pregnancy Update – baby number 2


Due Date:

28 October – officially less than a month now!


Not much has changed in the way of symptoms from my last update at 34 weeks. I’m still suffering really bad with carpal tunnel. Last night I woke on three occasions in agony and had to get up to run my hand under the cold water, as it’s the only thing which seems to relieve it. I’ve seen the midwife this morning and she’s referred me for physio, so I should be provided with a wrist support to help it. It’s been one of the worst symptoms I’ve had and I actually dread going to be now because I know I’m going to wake in pain.

My SPD also flared up yesterday too. We went to the trafford centre yesterday to buy the last few bits we needed and in hindsight it was a big mistake. Usually I love going but I ended up in agony more or less straight away because of all the walking. I had to sit down at regular intervals, which kind of put a dampener on the day for me. We were supposed to be having a day date, but with not being able to walk properly and being in so much pain, to the point I wanted to cry, it didn’t quite go as planned. My midwife (and my Mum) has told me to take it easy and not do too much, so I think I need to start listening now and stop thinking I’ll be ok.

I’m still suffering heartburn and have been drinking pints and pints of milk to try to ease it. I’ve even woken a few nights with it and had to take a gaviscon as it’s been so bad.

A new symptom is what I believe to be Braxton Hicks. Now, I never had these with Alfie so I’m not sure what they feel like, but yesterday, I noticed I was getting really bad cramps and tightening and also my bump went extremely hard. I wasn’t sure if it was a symptom of the SPD of if it could be Braxton Hicks, but after a chat with my midwife, I think it could be the latter. They have been quite painful and I’ve found myself having to stop what I’m doing and breath through them. I wonder if it could be a sign that the baby is getting ready to come?

How’s Baby?

Weighing in at around 6lbs, it’s no wonder I’m starting to feel the strain. S/he is gaining about an ounce a day and is approximately 18 long. The immune system is developed enough to protect it when it’s born.

How I’m feeling?

After seeing the midwife this morning, I’m feeling much more positive. We discussed a lot of stuff about the birth – what my expectations are etc. It made me feel really positive that a lot of what is in my birthing plan, is actually things which are done as standard now. Things such as skin to skin for as long as I want (last time it all felt incredibly rushed), making sure the baby is breastfed in the first hour and delayed cord clamping. The midwife I saw today is one I’ve not seen today, but my usual one was on holiday, her cover was on call and had been called to a home birth last night and wasn’t back in time so I had a new one and she was absolutely lovely. All three of them are actually and I feel incredibly lucky that they’ve all taken my feelings on board and all reassured me that they’re there to do what I want and look after my needs and not rush me. The midwife told me today that if I wanted skin to skin for three hours, then I can have skin to skin for three hours, which I just think is amazing!

I’ve packed the  baby’s hospital bag and we’ve got the car seat and pram down from the attic so Michael will be building the baby’s bed this weekend and I’ll finish packing my hospital bag, once I’ve bought the last few things, then we’re pretty much good to go.

One thing which is concerning me a bit after this morning’s appointment, is I’m not due to finish work until I’m 37+5. I decided to work so late because my week (before holiday’s) is Sunday, Monday and Thursday 8am – 5pm and Tuesday and Wednesday 8am – 12pm. I’d managed to book the six Sunday’s before starting my mat leave as holiday’s, so I was doing two full days and two half days, then from October, as we changed Alfie’s nursery hours to just morning’s, I booked half days on the Monday’s and Thursday’s I was working up to mat leave. As it stands I’ve only seven morning’s left to work, but I’m wondering if perhaps I should have taken the last three as maternity leave and finished at 36+6 instead. When I told my midwife I’m working so late and Alfie was born at 39 weeks, the first thing she said is I should be finishing sooner, so it’s definitely given me something to think about.

I’ve been listening to my hypnobirthing app on my phone, but as yet haven’t got round to reading the book. I plan to start that when I’m on maternity leave as I’ll have the morning’s to myself with Alfie being in nursery – I just hope the baby stay put long enough for me to finish it 😉







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