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Me and Mine – September

Reaching the end of September feels like a big deal to me as it has been potentially our last month as a family of three. The baby is due right at the end of October, but if it’s anything like it’s big brother and arrives early, then it could be here in the third week of October, but I know there’s just as much chance that I could go over due which would take me into November. It’s really difficult not knowing when the baby is going to be here and I feel like a lot of things are in limbo and I’m not wanting to make too many plans for October. That said, typically we do start October with a really busy couple of weeks.

Back to this month. When I look back it has been relatively quiet to be honest and I’ve not really wanted to get the camera out at all, because whenever we’ve been anywhere, I’ve been in quite a bit of pain walking, so our picture was taken at Alfie’s birthday party. It’s one I actually really love though because it will always remind me of Alfie’s last birthday before he became a big brother and the happiness on his face make my heart smile.



I also managed to get an extended family picture of us all before everyone left. I’m just so gutted that my Dad was working and not there and missed out on the photo as I think it would have been lovely to have us all together in a picture.

I still can’t believe that our beautiful boy turned four years old at the start of the month . We celebrated his birthday with a family party and on his actual birthday we went to the zoo, which he loved. Apart from that, there’s been nothing much to write about. I’m now very pregnant and suffering with various symptoms, such as spd, carpal tunnel, heartburn, not to mention surviving on very little sleep, so we have taken this month easy and pottered about at weekends, choosing to stay close to home rather than travel too far.

I had a little baby ‘shower’ a couple of weeks ago, which was lovely. Our mum’s, sisters, my cousin and best friend went for afternoon tea at a lovely little tea shop which I discovered recently and we had the most lovely afternoon. The sun was shining and the food was delicious. What more could you ask for?



I had said I didn’t want it to be about gifts and games but I was surprised by receiving some lovely gifts, for me as well as the baby.

I absolutely love the outfit I wore. I deliberately chose to wear pink and blue as we don’t know the sex of the baby 😉




I’ve had a few precious moments with Alfie over the last week or so, where he’s fallen asleep on me cuddling my belly. Not only does he rarely ever nap now, but if he does, he’ll usually fall asleep on the couch, so to have him fall asleep on me has been really lovely and I’ve actually really treasured it as I know it’s not going to last forever and once the baby is here, it may not happen at all!


One other big thing which has happened this month, is we’ve started the process of choosing a primary school for Alfie next year. We received a letter last week explaining the process to us, so we logged straight online to find school’s in our area that had open days. We know which is our first choice, but we have no idea on the other two we need to pick. We’ve managed to find five in the area which are Roman Catholic, which we’d like to go and see, but I feel quite daunted. It’s possibly the biggest decision we are ever going to make for him and I really want to get it right. Another thing which makes it stressful is we rent our home and our tenancy expires in July, so if our landlord decides he wants to sell then, we’ll have to move, which could mean moving further away from the school he gets in to. With being 8 month pregnant, still working and running a house and having a huge decision about Alfie’s school to make, it’s safe to say I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed right now.

I know that once the baby is here, everything will change and I’m looking forward to the next chapter as a family of four.


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