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Alfie’s 4th Birthday

When we’d  asked Alfie what he wanted to do for his birthday, he decided he wanted to go to the Zoo, which I was really pleased about because I love the zoo! As the day got closer, I was getting more and more excited because when we took him last year, he was 2 and he loved it, and I knew he’d love it even more now that he was that bit older.

On the day of his birthday, Alfie got in our bed at around 6am, but rather than wanting to start the day, he happily went back to sleep until nearly 8am. We got up and went downstairs and he opened his presents, which he was so pleased with. His Nan and Grandad (my inlaws) and his Papa (my Dad) came to see him before we went out for the day. The only trouble with this is Alfie didn’t want to get ready to go out as he was more than happy playing with his new toys.


We finally managed to get him ready and out just after lunch and I was so pleased that it was a beautiful sunny day. We drove the hour to Blackpool Zoo and I could feel his excitement as we walked through the doors. I think it’s occasions like this, which make being a parent so magical.

The first thing we came to were the giant tortoises – Alfie was amazed by them, but I kept my distance after snapping a few pics because the smell wasn’t pleasant! We managed to get all around the zoo and see everything we wanted to, stopping for ice cream along the way. With Alfie being that bit older now, we were able to give him a little bit more freedom and run a little bit ahead of us, without him having to hold our hands. It was an absolute joy to watch him running around all day, smiling and laughing. He actually coped better than I did in terms of all the walking and the heat. Due to my spd, I really struggled and had to sit down at every opportunity. It made me quite sad that I couldn’t enjoy it fully with him, but Alfie was very understanding and he had his Daddy with him, so I don’t think he was bothered that I was sitting down as much as I could.

The day was so lovely and I got quite emotional on more than one occasion because it’s his last birthday as an only child, where he will have his Daddy and I all to himself, but I don’t think he’ll mind too much. The sun shone all day long, it wasn’t too busy as the majority of kids were back at school and we stayed until almost closing time. It was a very simple day, doing what Alfie wanted to do and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Alfie, being Alfie, wouldn’t let me take his picture once we were in the grounds, so I had to make do with trying to sneak pictures of him, but I more than made up for it by taking pictures of the animals! Here’s a few from our day.







img_3312 img_3326






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