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Hellooooo Maternity Leave

On Wednesday, I finished work to begin my maternity leave and I’m so relieved to have finally finished. I wasn’t due to finish until Wednesday of this week, when I would have been 37+5 but I decided to bring it forward after seeing my midwife at my last appointment.

I’ve been suffering from SPD for a number of weeks, which is getting progressively worse and I’ve also been getting carpal tunnel in my hands. Some nights it’s kept me awake for hours. The two of these combined have left me feeling drained and I’ve not been getting very much sleep at all. When I mentioned to my midwife that Alfie was a week early, she told me that I really ought to be finishing work sooner than I was.

I thought about it a lot last weekend and discussed it with Michael. He agreed it was the right thing to do and said it’s admirable that I wanted to work so long, but seeing how much pain I’ve been in, he felt finishing a week earlier than planned was the best thing to do.

On Monday, I discussed it with my department manager and he was so supportive of me finishing just two days later. It’s like my body knew because on Monday I was in absolute agony and could barely walk! I think it was my body’s way of saying I really do need to start resting as much as I can now before the baby arrives.

Even though I brought my maternity leave forward a week, my team still managed to decorate my desk and get me some lovely gifts.









Thursday and Friday morning were very chilled out and very much needed. We’ve changed Alfie’s hours at nursery, so he’s now there five morning’s a week, meaning I’ve got the morning’s to myself (until the baby arrives), then Alfie comes home at lunch time and I’ve already noticed such a difference in how I’m feeling.

I’m hoping baby B will give me a couple of weeks of rest before s/he arrives!


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