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38 Weeks Pregnant – baby number 2



Due Date:

28 October – 2 weeks today eeek!


Since I finished work last week (a week early), I’ve noticed the majority of my symptoms seem to have eased. I’m not suffering with my spd anywhere near as much as I had been and my carpal tunnel seems to be under control more. I’ve put this down to me being able to get up and get ready at my own pace in the morning, without having a 6.30am alarm and be rushing round. I do still get pain in my pelvis if I do too much and I do ache with it, but nowhere near as much as I was doing. Last week my mum also gave me a stress ball and I’ve been using that for about 10-20 minutes in each hand before bed and I’ve found it’s significantly helped. Since I’ve started to use it, I’ve not been waking up in the night in pain like I was before.

Other than that, I’ve had a lot of heartburn. With Alfie, I barely had it, but this time I’m getting it at the very least once a day and it’s even so bad on some occasions that it’ll wake me up in the night or keep me awake before I go to sleep. I’m trying to limit the amount of gavison / rennies I take, so I’ve been drinking a lot of milk, which has really helped.

Sleep wise, I’m not doing too badly. It’s taking me a long time to get to sleep, but once I do, I’m not waking up half as much as I was just a few weeks ago. Toilet trips are down to once a night and some nights, I’ve not woken until 6am ish which has been lovely.

How’s Baby?

The baby is now around 6.5lbs and around the length of a leek (19.5 inches). It’s so surreal to think that the baby is now perfectly formed and ready to be born. The only think left to change now, is the eye colour. Most babies are born with blue/grey-ish eyes which can take up to 6 months to change to their permanent colour.

How I’m feeling?

SO much better after deciding to finish work a week early! I think it’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time because suddenly I feel much better in myself. As I said earlier my symptoms aren’t as severe and I’m much more rested. It’s also helping that Alfie is in nursery every morning now, until lunch time so I’m getting the morning’s to myself, which as much as I love Alfie, has been very welcomed.

I’ve had a midwife appointment this morning and the baby is measuring at 37 weeks, so I’m hoping this means I’ll have a small baby, rather than it keeping me waiting a few more weeks. We discussed having a stretch and sweep, which will take place at my next appointment, which will be at 41 weeks (if I’ve not had the baby by then). If that doesn’t work, then I’ll be offered an induction at 42 weeks / 12 days over. I’m dreading the thought of having to have a sweep or be induced, so I’m really hoping that the baby arrives before then. It’s really, really active in the evening’s in particular the early hours of the morning, keeping me awake. The other night, I filmed the baby moving and it honestly reminded me of someone trying to fight their way out of a paper bag! Crazy!

I also mentioned to my midwife, my fears about tearing this time round, as last time I had a second degree tear (ouch). I was SO lucky that I had a text book labour and birth with absolutely no complications but it was afterwards which left me a bit traumatised. When I mentioned this to her, she’s given me some tips and told me that when the midwife tells me to pant / stop pushing / breath, then I need to imagine myself blowing candles out. The surge of the contraction will get the baby’s head out, without me having to push and this should stop me tearing and needing stitches. Just having this little bit of advice has made such a big difference to how I’m feeling.

Hypnobirthing has also been helping me in the evening’s. I’ll go up before Michael and light my scented candle, get comfy and put my earphones in. It relaxes me so much and really makes me believe that I CAN do this and my body is made to birth my baby. I feel so empowered after listening to it – I’m just hoping I can put some of it into practice when the time comes!

The hospital bags are packed, the car seat and pram are down from the loft, we’ve purchased the car seat base, the baby’s next to me crib is set up in our bedroom and the family are all on standby to have Alfie or pick him up from nursery / have him over night. All we need now is a baby!







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