me and mine

Me and Mine – October

I’m extremely late with this months me and mine post … but I think I can be forgiven as our beautiful Nate William arrived on Friday 28 October.

October was a lovely month for us as we started it off by celebrating my Mum’s 50th. I got a picture of Michael, Alfie and me just in case the baby hadn’t arrived and it’s actually my favourite picture of the three of us. It already seems like it was taken such a long time ago even though it’d only been a few weeks.


We’ve also celebrated my father in laws birthday (the day after my Mum’s), and our niece’s birthday.

I feel lucky that we’ve managed to have lots of family time before  Nate arrived and it was lovely spending time with both sides of the family. I also finished work for maternity leave – I ended up bringing it forward a week and I’m so pleased I did.

My side of the family celebrating Mum’s 50th


Last day at work before maternity leave started – treated myself to a starbucks breakfast!
Holly’s birthday and the last picture of them as three before Nate arrived
At Mum’s birthday party – 37 weeks pregnant
This was taken on our last weekend as a family of three and it’s our last picture of the three of us.

The rest of the month was pretty quiet – I did manage to get a couple of snaps of the four of us at the very last minute on halloween, but it was late at night, my hubby was working the timer and the kids didn’t want to participate so they are terrible, but they’re the first pictures of us as a family of four and so they’ll always be special to me for that reason.






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