Siblings #1 November 2016


My very first sibling’s post!

Our beautiful second son was born on the 28 October and since then life has been crazy and hectic. We’re all adjusting to life as a family of four and now that Michael is back to work after paternity leave, I am learning how to solo parent two children with very different needs, which is a challenge in itself.

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I dreamed of the days my children would meet. I would get so emotional when I would think about it. Sure enough, when Alfie came to hospital to meet Nate, I felt so overwhelmed and so proud.  I still cannot believe I am a Mummy to two boys. It’s been just over two weeks now but I still can’t believe I have two son’s!

Alfie’s behaviour has been really difficult to manage as he’s craving attention – be it good or bad, so it’s made our first two weeks all the more difficult. We have tried to reassure him that we still love him very much and nothing has changed that but I think he needs to figure that out for himself in time. I just hope it’s soon as it’s really hard at the minute with him being so silly and naughty on occasion. We are making as much time as we can for him, but I do feel guilty as Nate is breastfeed and I feed on demand, so sometimes I can’t always be there for Alfie when he needs something. Which I find really hard.

Since Alfie first held Nate in hospital, he’s not really been that interested in holding him again. He’s asked a couple of times, but has wanted to hand him back more or less straight away. However, over the last few days he’s been coming over to Nate more to give him loves and kisses and he’ll talk to him more. I guess it’s going to take time for him to really get used to having to share us and to be more interested in Nate, but it’s something I want to deal with gently and not force him into doing anything he doesn’t want to, such as holding him or having his picture taken.

These pictures I’m sharing are the first pictures of our boys together when I was still in hospital and there’s a few from when Nate was a few days old and Alfie decided he wanted his picture taken with him.


I’m so incredibly proud of them both and I’m so excited to watch their relationship develop.












3 thoughts on “Siblings #1 November 2016

  1. Such an exciting post as these photo’s are adorable. Congratulations to you all and I think you are right that some children just take time to adjust. My eldest wasn’t too interested in the baby when she was born and I just accepted that was her and never ever said anything or made a big deal. I did used to make sure I said yes to her like “yes darling I will come and play as soon as I have finished feeding/nappy changing etc) She came round eventually and now they are the best of friends (most of the time!) Good luck lovely it is such an amazing journey xx


    1. Ah Thank you 🙂 Funnily enough, just today, Alfie has taken much more of an interest and has been hugging and kissing him and even asked to hold him, which is huge progress. Aw it’s lovely to hear your girls are now the best of friends. I hope my boys will grow up to be close too 🙂 x

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