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Nate’s Birth Story

I’ve finally got round to writing our beautiful second son’s birth story.

Although his birth was much quicker than I imagined, this post is quite long, so grab yourself a cuppa and get comfy.

It was Thursday 27 October, the night before my due date. I was thoroughly fed up. My back ached, my pelvis ached from the spd, my hands ached from carpal tunnel, I couldn’t get comfy, I was ready for it to be over. I ended up in tears through sheer frustration. I went and washed my hair before going to bed and as my head touched the pillow, I just felt miserable. Tomorrow was my due date and I’d not had any signs – I’d not had a show, no twinges. Nothing.

During the night, I tossed and turned not being able to get comfy. I was up and down to the toilet like a yo-yo. On the fourth time, I remember sitting there feeling so frustrated that I’d had to get up again. As I climbed back in bed, I looked at the time and it was 4.20am. I lay back down on my right hand side and felt a sharp pain. I didn’t think anything of it because every time I moved, it hurt because of my spd. I got up to turn over and was on all fours, when I suddenly felt like I’d leaked a bit… I was wearing a pad and again didn’t think much of it as I’d just been to the toilet. Suddenly, I felt a trickle. I jumped up as fast as I could and ran (I say ran, it was more like a hobble) back to the bathroom and then it happened – my waters had broken. I called to Michael, who came in slightly panicked. I told him my waters had broken, but I’d not got any pain. I’d decided to try and get some more sleep but as soon as I tried to lie back down, I felt a surge. I had to get back up.

I rang triage to let them know and they said that if nothing had started by 10am, then I’d need to go in to be examined. I came off the phone and went for a bath. My contractions had started by this point and I was breathing through them. I was surprised at how intense they were. I don’t remember Alfie’s being so intense so early on. As I was in the bath, Michael decided it’d be a good idea to have a shave – I kid you not. By the time he’d finished, I was in quite a lot of pain so had gotten out the bath and started to get dressed. Michael told me that my contractions were now about 4 minutes apart.

At about 5.40 I phoned Mum and told her I needed her to come and stay with Alfie as I was going to hospital. Whilst she was on her way, we got the last of the things packed and my contractions seemed really intense. I couldn’t sit through them, so each time I got one I was having to get on all fours and rock them away.

We left home at 6.30am and the journey to hospital took us about 10 minutes. I remember feeling quite drowsy and having to sit on my hands because sitting on my bum was too painful.

At hospital, I had another 3 contractions on the way to the birthing suite and found it so hard to walk. A midwife came to meet me in the corridor just as I was in the middle of a contraction and told me that I needed to get to the birthing suite as ‘we don’t deliver babies in corridor’s here’. I instantly didn’t take to her. Once in the room, she examined me and told me that I was only 3cm so wasn’t even in established labour and ‘if you don’t calm down and start breathing properly, then you are never going to have this baby as your body just won’t labour and you’ll remain in pain’. JUST what I wanted to hear! She left to go and get me some codine to calm me down and as a pain relief. She seemed to be gone ages. I vaguely remember another midwife coming back in with her and them talking between themselves about me ‘not being in established labour’.All I knew was I was in so much pain – much more than I was with Alfie, and I asked for an epidural. I was told I’d need to get to 4cms, then move to the delivery suite as they didn’t do epidural’s where I was. I began to focus on getting to 4cms.

At this point, the midwives left and Michael told me he needed to go and pay the car park. I told him to go and I would be ok. I was left on my own. Whilst he was gone, I had another 2 or 3 contractions. The only way I could deal with the pain, was to lean over the back of the chair. By the time Michael had got back, I’d been getting the urge to push. I didn’t believe it with only being 3cm an hour ago, so I didn’t say anything. It happened 2 more times before I told Michael that I needed to push. He buzzed for a midwife and thankfully, the nice one came back, who told me to hop on the bed. Another midwife was with her and they totally trusted me and didn’t even want to examine me. They just trusted I knew what I was doing.

Sadly, my hypnobirthing went right out of the window and I was in so much more pain than I was with Alfie, so there was a lot of screaming and moaning and me telling them I couldn’t do it (I honestly didn’t think I could at one point because of the pain). Michael’s arm was above me and I remember clinging on to it for dear life when I was pushing. When it got to the head crowning, I’ve never felt pain like it. With Alfie I remember getting to that point and thinking ‘this is the ring of fire they talked about’ and it felt bearable. With Nate, the pain seemed to be 100 times worse. It must’ve taken about 3 contractions for the head to be delivered and between each contraction, I could feel his head and it felt stuck and with that came the burn! As soon as the head was out I just felt this relief and in the next push, my baby was born. I can still remember the feeling of him entering the world – it’s so surreal.

The midwife handed him to me and I was so, so shocked to see I’d had another boy. Everyone was convinced that I was having a girl….I’d carried differently, my symptoms had been different, I’d been ‘all bump’, so I think I’d convinced myself it would be a girl too. I couldn’t believe he was a boy. I had 2 boys.

We were asked what we were going to call him, but we didn’t know. I loved the name Nate, but Michael wanted Charlie and whilst I like the name Charlie, it just didn’t grab me. Michael and I took a few hours to decide on the name but eventually I got my way,

Nate William was born at 8.57am on 28 October 2016 at exactly 40 weeks gestation.

I’d told the midwife that I wanted skin to skin an delayed cord clamping and I was lucky to have both. Nate was placed on my chest and he fed for 45 minutes, had a 5 minute break, then latched on again for 15 minutes. It was the most amazing feeling.

Whilst I’d been having skin to skin with Nate, I’d had the injection for the placenta to be delivered and thankfully it came after a few minutes with my next contraction. I’d been really worried about this as it took over an hour with Alfie! Unfortunately I did need stitches as I’d got a second degree tear (again), so I was told to get high on gas and air. The midwife injected me a couple of times to numb the area, but because of the experience I’d had last time, I was really worked up, so the senior midwife took over and finished my stitches off. Unlike last time, I didn’t feel it and afterwards I was up and about really quickly. I was incredibly grateful to my midwives.

It all seemed to be over so fast. We had only got to hospital just before 7am and by 8.57am he had been born.

I couldn’t wait to introduce him to his big brother!

Minutes after he was born
Our first family photo






3 thoughts on “Nate’s Birth Story

    1. It was so different to what I’d expected! I had said I wanted to use the birthing pool as pain relief, but I didn’t even get chance to ask about it because it all just happened so fast! The pain was more intense, but it was over so much quicker and I was crazy high on adrenaline afterwards 🙂 I still can’t believe I’ve got 2 boys!! xx


      1. I considered the birthing pool but was sick again in labour because I get so warm so It wouldnt have been for me. I was shocked Nate wasnt a girl but will be lovely for him and Alfie to have a brotherly bond as they grow up xx


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