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Nate at 2 Weeks Old

How’s Nate?

I feel like he has already changed so much since he was born. He’s filled out and already doesn’t feel as ‘new’. When the midwife came to weigh him, he’d only lost 5og of his birth weight in the first few days, which was really good and he’s been weighed a second time and he was 7lb 2oz- back to birth weight plus an extra ounce.

As you can see in the picture’s, he’s suffering from baby acne. It’s such a shame for him because he looks like a spotty teen! I’m hoping it will clear up soon but if not then I’ll perhaps need to take him to the doctors. Some days it is worse than others.

He’s still in tiny baby clothes – many of which are Alfie’s hand me down’s as none of the clothes that we’ve bought for him or he’s had bought for him fit him yet because he’s so tiny. I’m so pleased that we save so many of Alfie’s old clothes as it’s practically all he’s worn so far. I’ve only actually dressed him in outfits twice, apart from that he’s in white baby grows. I’m in no rush to be dressing him yet and I’m enjoying keeping him in baby grows.

At the moment, he’s very much a Mummy’s boy and is sleeping next to me in bed at night. He doesn’t like being put down to nap during the day, so more often that not he will nap in my arms or on my chest.

We are getting more awake time now after feeds and he seems to be looking round more. He’s suffered really badly with wind though, which is unusual for a breastfed baby, but often he’ll scream out in pain and some days he’s really distressed with it and you can tell he’s really uncomfortable. Those are the days where he doesn’t like being put down. I’ve ordered a sling  and I can’t wait for it to arrive, so I can wear him and keep him close to me on the days where he won’t go in his crib.


I’m happy to say I’m still feeding him. After the difficulties I’ve faced, there is nobody more shocked than me that I’ve stuck at it and persevered with it. I’m so proud of myself because it’s been incredibly difficult and there’s been many hurdles. I never thought that I’d be able to breastfeed a baby. I tried with Alfie but gave up at the first hurdle, but I was determined not to do that with Nate and so far it’s working. We’ve passed the magical two weeks and it all seems to be getting better now. In those early days people used to tell me that once I’d got past the first two weeks, it’d all be easier, I didn’t believe them. Two weeks seemed so far away, but here we are and they were right. I’m actually really enjoying being able to feed him and it’s so different to my experience with Alfie. During the night, Nate is only waking once or twice and that’s more so caused by wind than wanting a feed, so Michael and I are both getting much more sleep than we expected. I’ve still yet to feed in public, but I’ve working my way up to that, I’m sure when the time comes it will be fine.


No two days are the same and we are in no routine whatsoever. Some days he will nap for a couple of hours between feeds and other days, he will only cat nap for 20-30 minutes. The only time I know he will sleep is early evening when Alfie goes to bed. I’m not sure if its the quiet but for the past few nights he’s fallen asleep early evening for a couple of hours and then he’ll wake up for a feed before we go to bed. The nights have been quite surprising as I was fully expecting to be up for hours at a time but it’s been quite the opposite really. Since we started co-sleeping, he’s been sleeping so much better. He’ll usually wake once or twice a night for a feed, which usually lasts no more than 20 minutes. A quick nappy change and he’s back down. I’m coping with the nights much more than I thought I would. Long may it last.

How am I?

I’m feeling much more relaxed this week. The first week was incredibly hard, but this week things have settled down ever so slightly. I’ll feel better once we’re in a proper routine, but for now things are going ok. I’m sad at how fast the time is going, but in terms of recovery I’m feeling much better. My stitches are healing well and breastfeeding is getting easier and I’m not as sore now. I’m really enjoying being a mama to two – although it’s not without it’s challenges. I may have been a Mummy for four years, but I feel like I’m learning all over again as I learn how to be a Mummy to a four year old and a two week old, who both have very different needs. It’s exhausting, it’s draining, it’s challenging, but I absolutely wouldn’t change it for the world and my heart feels so full.

Here’s some pictures from Nate’s second week.










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