When Alfie met Nate

As soon as I’d found out I was pregnant, one of the things I was most looking forward to was the day my babies would meet. I’d dreamed of it all through my pregnancy, often tearing up at the thought of how it would feel.

I’d decided quite early on that I’d wanted Alfie to be the first person to meet the baby once it had been born. I was really keen to enjoy time with just Michael and the baby immediately after birth then for Alfie to join us and to enjoy time as a family of four before the rest of the family came to meet the baby. It was really important to me that we included Alfie as much as possible and slowly introduced him to his new brother or sister, without the family there cooing over the new arrival.

Nate was born at 8.57am on Friday 28 October and Michael and I enjoyed a lovely few hours together with him before we told anyone he’d been born. When I’d gone into labour with Alfie, I’d arrived at hospital at 6.30am and he wasn’t born until 1.40pm, so I don’t think anyone was expecting news for a good few hours, which gave us time to enjoy him without getting messages asking for updates. Michael has text our Mum’s once to let them know I was doing well and it was going ok. Little did they know that after arriving at hospital just before 7am, by 9am he was in my arms! He fed for an hour, then I needed stitches, so it was after noon by the time I was ready for any visitors anyway.

I phoned my Mum around 1pm and asked to speak to Alfie first to tell him the news! Then I gave her all the details – she had kindly stayed with Alfie for us, so when Michael said he was on his way to collect him to bring him to meet Nate, she decided she would go to work for the rest of the day and would come after work, with my Dad and Michael’s parents were happy to wait until later on to come and meet the baby.

When Michael got back to the hospital with Alfie, I’d made sure that I was sat on the bed and Nate was in the crib – I wanted to make it as easy as possible for Alfie. I’ll never forget the moment he walked into the room and the first time he saw Nate. My heart exploded with love and it was one of the best moments of my life. We got him out of the crib and let Alfie have a proper look at a little hold. It was the most lovely moment and something I’ll never forget.

I really hope they grow up to be the best of friends.

Mum sent me this as Michael was on his way to pick Alfie up 🙂






img_2428 img_2429




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