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Nate at 3 Weeks Old

How is Nate?

He’s doing really good apart from suffering with wind. I’ve been told it’s unusual for breastfed babies to suffer with wind but unfortunately, Nate is suffering. His belly sometimes sounds like it’s bubbling and he gets quite uncomfortable. I’ve ordered a sling which I’m waiting to arrive as that’ll help on the days where I can’t put him down as I find he’s more settled when he’s upright.

I can really see a change in him now. Whilst he’s still tiny, he’s definitely filling out more and it makes me feel so sad for how fast the time is going.

He’s still wearing tiny baby clothes as he’s so dinky. I’m quite glad really as I’m in no rush for him to grow and start wearing proper outfits just yet.


Feeding is SO much better. We’ve really turned a corner. There’s no routine to his feeding schedule but I can tell his hungry cry from his other cries. When he’s hungry, he’ll scream like he’s really shouting at me. More often than not, he’ll have woken from a nap and demand to be fed right away. So far, it’s not been a problem as we’ve been at home, but I’m dreading this happening when we are out.

My boobs seem to be settling down now and I’m not leaking as much when he’s latching / unlatching, so I’m hoping in another few weeks I’ll not need to wear a bra to bed and I won’t leak between feeds.

I am really enjoying feeding him still and this last week, I’ve fed him in front of my in-laws (including my FIL)! my mum and dad’s neighbour and my godmother and her daughter plus my cousin. It may not seem like a big deal, but it really was to me and I was ever so slightly worked up about feeding in front of people, but now that he’s latching better, it’s not as much of a problem for me.


There’s not really much change from last week really. He’ll wake up in the morning and have a feed, roughly around the time Michael and Alfie are getting ready for work and nursery, then he’ll go back to sleep and he will sleep until 10-10.30, which is just lovely. We’ll then get up and he’ll have another feed and maybe another nap early afternoon. For the past few days there’s been more awake time during the day, but I think this is more to do with him being uncomfortable with wind rather than needing / wanting to feed. Usually he’s up twice in the night for a feed and it’s around 2/3am then again at 5/6am and then he’ll have a feed at around 8am.  During the day, I feed on demand but we have had a couple of days where he’s cluster fed in the evening’s, until he’s settled into a nap.

Nights are still going well and there’s no change from last week – I’m still up a couple of times a night, usually for no more than 30 minutes and we’re still co-sleeping. On the odd night, he can be quite fussy and will be up thrashing around or crying out because of wind / belly ache. I’ll see if he wants a feed, but more often than not, he’ll just mess about instead of latching, until his wind / belly ache has passed.

I’ve a feeling once he grows out of this wind that he’ll be a really good sleeper. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get him to sleep in his next to me crib, but for now, I’m not overly worried about it and to be quite honest, I enjoy having him so close. The only time it’s hard is if Alfie comes in of a morning – our bed definitely isn’t big enough for four of us!

How am I?

I’m so glad to have got to Friday because I’ve survived the first week alone! I was dreading Michael going back to work, but in all honesty, it’s actually been fine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m exhausted as Nate likes to be held a LOT and I’ve had Alfie in the afternoon’s which has been really hard, because his silly behaviour has not yet settled down, but overall, we’ve all been fed and watered and I’ve still managed to have tea ready for Michael when he’s got in from work. I’d call that a result!

I’m getting used to having a new born in the house again and I’m trying my best to juggle feeding and changing him, and entertaining Alfie with doing housework and cooking. I can’t say I’m doing too great on the house work front, but I’m sure I’ll figure out some kind of routine soon.

This week, Alfie has taken much more of an interest in Nate and has even asked to hold him a couple of times. He’s also been a lot more cuddly with me, which I have absolutely loved. My godmother and her daughter and grandaughter, who’s only 8 weeks old, visited and my sister has been round and my Mum has called round too so it’s really broken the week up for me and helped with Michael not being here. Plus, my in-laws have been taking Alfie home after nursery for his dinner, so that’s given me a couple of extra hours to get things done.

Overall, things are going really well and I’m so pleased it’s the weekend and we can have some quality family time!

Here’s some pictures from Nate’s third week

Meeting his second cousin’s (my cousin’s) for the first time
Alfie wanted to do silly faces before we did a proper picture
Meeting more of his cousins!


With Auntie Emily
With my sister and my boys


All the girls and Nate
I adore this picture
With Nana and Papa
I snapped this at the end of my first solo day – I’d had my hair done and we survived the day!
Awful quality iPhone snap but I love it because Alfie had asked to hold Nate and I love how it looks like Nate is smiling up at Alfie!

The out – takes … Who knew taking photo’s of a three week old could be so tricky!







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