me and mine

Me and Mine – November

I can’t believe November is over already! I’m a few days late writing this as juggling life with a newborn and four year old is tricky and by the time Alfie is in bed at night, the last thing I want to do of an evening is get the laptop out.

So, Nate has been with us for a whole month already and it’s gone by in such a blur of midwife appointments, health visitors, establishing breastfeeding, feeding, winding, changing nappies, managing Alfie, making sure he’s not left out…..

Michael was off for the first 2 weeks of the month on his paternity leave, but sadly we didn’t do anywhere near as much as what I wanted to do. I’d got grand plans of taking Alfie to nursery in the morning, then having a few hours to go Christmas shopping, maybe grab a coffee together and picking Alfie up at lunch then enjoying our afternoon’s together. The reality was very different. Establishing breastfeeding was really hard. It took the best part of all of Michael’s paternity leave. Some days it was 3pm before I could even think about going anywhere. Whilst Alfie was at nursery, Michael and I were using that time to catch up on sleep as Nate goes back to sleep after his morning feed. I was really disappointed not to have got out and about as much as I’d hoped, but it’s just one of those things and tried to be kind to myself rather than beating myself up about it.

It’s been 2 weeks since Michael has been back at work now and honestly, it’s getting harder with Nate as he’s suffering really badly with wind, so by the time Michael comes home I’m more than ready to pass the baton.Nate has been crying so much and some days won’t be put down, so the sling has been very useful. My in-laws have been great as once they’ve picked Alfie up from nursery at 12, they’ve taken him home and dropped him off around 2ish. It’s only an extra couple of hours, but it’s made a massive difference as I’m using the morning’s to catch up with sleep in between feeding and changing Nate, so not having to sort Alfie’s lunch out too (which is the same time Nate feeds), has been a huge help.

On the whole, it’s absolutely amazing to have a newborn in the house again and whilst we’ve not really been out and about very much and have stayed close to home, I know things will get easier in time and I’m very much trying to embrace it all.

Our photo this month was taken at my Mum & Dad’s house, as we were there for tea. I love how Alfie has his arm around Nate and just looking at this picture makes me so happy.

I’m really looking forward to December and although Nate is much to young to understand, this Christmas is going to be so special as our first as a family of four. Alfie is at a wonderful age at four where he completely believes in the magic. I asked him the other day does he think Mummy and Daddy buy him Christmas presents or Father Christmas and he said he thinks we buy them and Father Christmas makes them. I think that is so sweet and I didn’t correct him and I believe it’s important that he knows his Daddy and I work hard to buy him things at Christmas.

Here’s hoping for a magical, festive December.











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