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Nate at 4 Weeks Old

How is Nate?

Windy! The last week and a half especially has been tough. Nate seems to be suffering quite badly with wind and a gassy tummy. I’m surprised as I’m still feeding him and hadn’t heard of breastfed babies suffering so much. As such I’ve been using the sling quite a lot to try to keep him up right. I had thought it might be colic, but I’m not sure now. When Alfie had colic, he would start fussing around 6pm / 7pm every night until about 10pm. With Nate, it can be any time during the day and he’s even woken up crying on a few occasions. We took him to the doctors, who felt his tummy and asked us some questions but said it’s just something he’ll grow out of. The sooner the better as I feel like my days are filled with feeding, winding, trying to stop him screaming and then getting him to sleep. I also feel for Alfie as it can’t be easy for him when Nate is crying all the time.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that he’s suffering with baby acne – something else we mentioned to the doctor and again we were told that he will grow out of it. After mentioning it on instagram, one of my followers suggested Kokoso coconut oil. I’d not heard of it before, but a quick look on their instagram page and I was sold. We’ve been using it about a week and it’s really starting to clear up. Unfortunately his eyebrows have scabbed over though and it looks quite sore. I feel so sorry for him, but the doctor said if it’s not bothering him, then it shouldn’t bother us.

As of yet, I’ve not had him weighed – it’s tricky as Michael takes the car to work and I don’t live close to the centre. I’m hoping to get him weighed soon though as he’s really filled out. I’ve been looking back at pictures from Alfie at the same age and I’d say Nate is definitely chunkier. He’s grown out of his first size clothes now and has moved up to newborn – which are still tiny.


I’m still feeding him a month in and I’ve grown to really enjoy it. Sure, there are times when it’s exhausting and when I’d love Michael to be able to do a night feed every now and again, but for the most part, I love the bond it’s created between us and the closeness it brings. I’ve fed him in front of more people now- family, friends, my hairdresser!

We’re still not in a feeding routine as he’s feeding on demand, but he’ll usually go 2-3 hours between feeds during the day and I tend to feed him once during the night which is anywhere between 2-4am. It’s rare that I’m up to feed more than once a night which has been a nice surprise, as I was expecting to be up much more. He doesn’t tend to have very long feeds during the day, usually no more than 15 minutes but late evening and overnight tends to be when he feeds for longer.


Naps times are hit and miss.  Some days, he’ll nap all day, only waking for a feed and a nappy change and other days, he will not sleep more than 30 minutes at a time. He’s still sleeping with me as he won’t settle in his crib at night. Occasionally in the day he will let me put him in his crib downstairs, but for the most part he naps in my arms or in the sling. I’m not overly concerned about this right now as I know it won’t last forever and he’s still so new and I’m enjoying the cuddles with him.

How am I?

I’m feeling more confident with every passing week of being a Mummy of 2. It’s getting easier and Alfie is getting much more involved now and will happily hold Nate and he always kisses his head which is lovely for me to see.

In terms of recovery, I’m more or less back to normal now. I’ve adjusted to the night feeds and being constantly tired and I feel so happy that I get to be Mama to two gorgeous boys.

Some pictures from his 4th week.





img_2955 img_2993


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