me and mine

Me and Mine – December 2016

There we have it, another month and another year over. I cannot fathom how we are already at the end of 2016, but having spent most of it pregnant and suffering pregnancy symptoms, I feel like the year just slipped away.

December wasn’t as festive as I would have liked to be honest. I’ve really struggled to get into the festive spirit this year and I think it’s largely to do with being on maternity leave. I’ve missed out on all the festivities at work and I didn’t go to the Christmas party as Nate was only 6 weeks old at the time and as he’s exclusively breastfed, I didn’t want to leave him. On top of that, we’ve been really battling with Alfie’s behavior. I’ve been living for the weekends when we are together as a family, but sadly Alfie has been rather silly and generally hard work meaning many trips have been cut short. I did, however enjoy watching Alfie in his Nativity at nursery with my Dad. He was a sheep of all things!  Thankfully he seems to have settled down again now and we have had a really lovely Christmas. It was extra special this year as it was Nate’s first Christmas (even if he did sleep through most of it). We had the family round for a party on Boxing Day and I managed to get photo’s of both sides of the family, with the inclusion of Nate. I absolutely love these photo’s as I think it’s so rare to get a full family photo so I will definitely treasure them.

I’m so looking forward to 2017 – I’m a walking cliche as my main resolution is to lose weight. I always knew that I wouldn’t attempt to lose the baby weight until after Christmas as there would be too much temptation in November and December (I was right)! So the new year will hopefully see a much smaller me as I get back to pre-pregnancy weight. I also want to learn to take better photo’s and learn how to make and edit videos. My boys are only small for such a short while and I really want to capture it all.

Our December photo is my new favourite family photo, taken on Christmas Day. I have also managed to get some other photo’s of us and with the boys. I absolutely love the one of them in the matching Santa outfits!

Here’s a snapshot of our December.














2017, I’m ready for you!


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