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Nate at 6 and 7 Weeks


How’s Nate?

I’m behind with his updates because the last couple of weeks have been quite difficult and really tiring. I mentioned in my last post that he’s been suffering with wind. Just before he turned 6 weeks I took him to the clinic to have him weighed (he’s put on 3lb since birth taking him to 10lb 1oz) and I happened to mention that he’s been crying a lot and suffering with wind. The health visitor checked him for tongue tie and confirmed that he had a posterior tongue tie. This explains why he’s only got a shallow latch and why he’s crying so much – he’s taking in too much air when he’s feeding. We were referred to Oldham hospital but was told that it could take 3-4 weeks. I felt so relieved to finally have a reason for why he was getting so upset all the time – I’ve honestly never known a baby to cry so much! The following Monday my HV visited and suggested milk matters – a private company who’d be able to see us much sooner than if we waited for the NHS (she seemed to think it could take up to 6 weeks).

Over the next few days, Nate got worse. He was crying after most of his feeds, he wasn’t able to nap properly as he was constantly waking with wind, I can rarely put him down and he’s wanted to be in my arms or the sling all the time. After discussing it with Michael, we decided we would go private to get it sorted. Although the cost was expensive, we knew we couldn’t wait 3-6 weeks to be seen on the NHS. For our own sanity and for Alfie’s sake, we knew we had to get him seen sooner rather than later. Our appointment is 18 December.


I’m still breastfeeding but it seems to have got a little bit harder as he seems to be struggling after his feed, no matter how much we wind him. I have really grown to love breastfeeding and I know I don’t want it to stop soon. With having a posterior tongue tie, he’s got a shallow latch and we think this could be causing his wind. Hopefully once he’s had his tongue tie snipped, we will seen an improvement.


Much the same – we are still co-sleeping and I don’t see it changing. Whilst I’m breastfeeding I don’t mind him sleeping with me. He naps ok in the day – I would like him to nap for longer, as he doesn’t seem to nap more than an hour before waking with wind but overall he is really good for 6 weeks.

How am I?

Tired! Not so much from lack of sleep, but tired from all the crying and not being able to settle him. I really feel so sorry for him as nothing we do helps him and we can only do our best to comfort him. I’ve felt a little overwhelmed at times as sometimes there’s only me who can settle him and it’s hard not getting  a break when he’s crying so much. I can only hope that once his tongue tie is snipped we will see an improvement!






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