Siblings #2 – January 2017

I’m so behind with blogging that I didn’t write about my brothers in December. It’s been 11 weeks now since Nate was born and Alfie is adjusting more all the time. I do feel sorry for him at times though, because it really has been hard on him with Nate having such tummy troubles, meaning he’s spent much of the 11 weeks crying uncontrollably for periods throughout the day.

Alfie has been really understanding for the most part and just gets on with playing or watching tv if he can see we are busy with Nate. It makes my heart hurt a little bit when I have to tell him I can’t play with him just yet because I need to settle Nate. Despite this, Alfie has shown no signs of resentment or jealousy towards Nate. The only thing he will do is occasionally he’ll tell me to get Nate so Michael can play with him or he’ll sometimes say ‘it’s time for you to spend a bit of time with me and not Nate now isn’t it’.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still occasions where Alfie is really silly and will really play up, but I think that’s to be expected. I sometimes forget that he is only four and he can’t articulate his feelings the way and adult can and he’s had to learn to share his Daddy and I after being our whole world for four years.

Overall, I’m incredibly proud of the way Alfie is adapting and we do get rare glimpses where he will really interact with Nate or ask to hold him, which makes my heart do a happy dance. Nate often watches Alfie and I can see him following Alfie with his eyes and he will often smile when Alfie talks to him, which is lovely to see.

As the weeks are flying by and Nate is getting more alert, I get excited about watching them play and interact more and more.

Here’s a few photo’s from the last few weeks.

Clearly Nate doesn’t know the importance of the obligatory Christmas Tree photo!




My boys and I on Christmas Day
I love this one of them in their Christmas outfits






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