The Ordinary Moments

{The Ordinary Moments 17} #2 Playtime

Nate is now 11 weeks old and I feel like such a bad mum for writing this, but we’ve barely done tummy time with him, nor really played with him on his play mat. I think this is largely because he’s suffering so badly with wind / colic and tummy ache, that he tends to just want to be held all the time, so can either be found in my arms, or in the sling and sometimes in his bouncy chair.

However, over the last week or two, he has been awake for longer spells, going closer to three hours between feeds instead of the usual two hours and he’s having more time awake where he’s not crying and he’s found his little voice and he’ll try to communicate with us in the cutest baby babble. Up until yesterday we were using Alfie’s old jungle gym, but unfortunately, couldn’t play the music because one of the springs in the battery holders has broken. So yesterday we headed off to Mothercare to buy him his very own play mat with flashing lights and music to encourage him and us to play more. Plus, it’s also nice for Alfie to be able to get involved with him too.

He’s at a lovely age now where he gives us the best smiles and he’s really taken by lights and music, be it on the TV, on our phones (thank the lord for white noise app’s) or under his new play mat. As much as I am wishing time would slow down, I am so excited to experience all of Nate’s ‘firsts’.






4 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments 17} #2 Playtime

  1. He is so gorgeous! I think we had the exact same baby gym for our two. I think it’s the way it goes with second – or subsequent – babies – less time for anything so things like tummy time go out the window! x


  2. Aw look at him Nic, he is so smiley and gorgeous. W pretty much wanted to be held the entire first few months, and still does truth be told so I know the feeling there! But he looks like he is having some lovely time on his play mat! xx


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