The Ordinary Moments

{The Ordinary Moments 17} #3 Weekly Photo’s

Since I found out I was pregnant with our second baby, I knew I wanted to capture everything – my changing bump, symptoms, how I felt … I didn’t record anything with Alfie as it just didn’t occur to me, something which I really regret. So this time I got Michael to take a photo of me every week during pregnancy, which then turned to every two weeks. I adore these pictures and looking back on them brings back so many memories. How is it I can already miss being pregnant?


When Nate was born, I started to take a weekly picture of him, every Friday and I absolutely love doing so. Having a new born and a four year old isn’t easy, so I’ve not always been able to update my blog with his weekly updates, but I have shared all his weekly pictures and a short update over on Instagram each week.


Looking back at these pictures is so bittersweet. He’s quite possibly our last baby and time is just going so fast. Too fast. He’s already changed so much already in such  a small amount of time and I’m willing time to slow down. I love that I have a record of him growing inside me and every week he’s been here with us so far and I’ve no intention of giving up this Ordinary moment!




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