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{The Ordinary Moments ’17} #4 Preparing For School

This September, Alfie will start school, quite possible on his 5th birthday, depending on what school he gets in to. Whilst I’m excited, I’m also a little sad that my biggest boy will be off to school. I know he is really ready for it in some respects as he’s SO ready to be in full time education as he needs constant stimulation which I think school will provide him with, but I’m willing time to slow down as I’m not quite ready for it yet. Now that we’ve got Nate, these last few months before Alfie starts school feel even more precious and I will really miss Alfie being at home in the afternoon’s – he currently goes to nursery five morning’s a week until noon, then he’s home all afternoon.

I know other children his age who can already write, are fantastic at jigsaws, are able to draw pictures of family, but this just isn’t Alfie. He’s never really been interested in sitting and writing or drawing and on the rare occasion that he does, his drawings are still very much just scribble. Recently though, he’s been practicing writing his name at nursery which he can now do unaided and he can also write the numbers 1-13. I’m fine with him not really being overly interested and not being able to write / draw etc as I know there’s no expectations on him being able to do any of this when he starts school. I spoke to his nursery teacher who said they will look for social skills more such as listening to instructions or sitting for story time and she told me that Alfie does this well.

However, I do want him to get used to sitting and ‘working’ and with that in mind for Christmas I bought him some workbooks that we could do together at home.



A couple of afternoon’s ago, we sat down and started to look through them and he seemed to really enjoy them and sat for nearly 20 minutes carefully completing a page at a time. He chose the shapes book, so he had to follow the dots to join the shapes up. He really concentrated and let me help him when he was struggling, which is a massive improvement as usually he gets worked up and gives up.  He really enjoyed doing the books and has done some more with his Daddy over the weekend. I’m mindful of not putting too much pressure on him or expecting to much from him, but if we can work on these and his reading a little bit at a time each week, I think it’ll make starting school that bit easier.





6 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments ’17} #4 Preparing For School

  1. I can totally relate to this as I had the littlest in the February before Eva started school and it felt like I wanted to hold onto that time. She was always into writing and reading but we had these books too that she loved. She wasn’t that interested in anything physical and like you say it’s important not to put pressure on them and they will do it when they are ready and can have fun with it. He sounds like he is doing amazing x


    1. It’s hard isn’t it. Alfie is ready for school as he’s 5 the week he starts but it just seems to have gone so fast. I’m taking his lead with learning and don’t push him but try to gently encourage. Xx


  2. They all do it in their own pace lovely. LL is not at all keen on learning particularly, she loves to play and use her imagination and she does good drawing, but she can’t write her name yet and she can only just add up to 10, whereas Mads knew quite a lot of words to write and up to 50 by the time she started school. LL is still a very young nearly 4. x


    1. I honestly can’t believe she’s nearly four, I found your blog when she was only a few months old. She’s adorable in your videos but I get what you mean about being a young four. I’m mindful of not pushing Alfie but I try to gently encourage him. He’d much rather play and is a typical boy – loves to rough and tumble. He can’t read much but can count to 100 and can do simple maths but not really write / draw. Hopefully he will start to enjoy it. He must take after his Daddy with the numbers because I’m rubbish at maths! Xx


  3. Troy is starting school in September too – he’ll be 4 and 5 months. He seems so ready for school too and it’s great that you’re preparing your little man so well for this transition x


  4. Ollie starts school in September. I need to start working with him bit, but his preschool are amazing and so so much with them, by the time he gets home, he isn’t really interested. My eldest took ages to take to phonics and reading and now she is flying through it. They all get there eventually. #theordinarymoments


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