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{Me and Mine 2017} January

I have to be honest. I’m so glad January is over. Being on maternity pay, getting paid a week early and it being a five week month have meant our finances have been stretched to day the least.

Its been a relatively quiet month for us and we’ve not really been out and about much. It’s been bitter cold or raining most weekends which makes me want to stay indoors.  It’s also been quite a difficult month because I don’t have the car during the week so rarely get out. We live on a main road so there’s nowhere to really walk to and I do worry about having Nate out in the cold too long then bringing him into the warm because he’s suffered with dry skin / baby acne for a while. Maybe I’m just being over cautious?!

We didn’t really get many of the things done in January that I wanted to do. Mainly decluttering the house. There’s so much stuff I want to get rid of but finding the time whilst looking after the boys is hard.

One big thing about this month is I changed my hair. I’ve been blonde all my life and for years have wanted to go darker but never been brave enough…. until last week. I’ve gone from quite light blonde to a dark ash blonde and I’m really not keen so I’m having blonde highlights put in later in the week. I’m really glad I took the plunge though because at least I know it’s not for me!

I had hoped to get a picture outside this month but we were defeated by either the weather, Nate sleeping or Alfie not being with us. I asked my father in law to take a photo of us last weekend and it was only when I got home that I realised it’s blurry!


Such a shame as it’s a nice picture. So once again it was a self timer job on our couch!



The main thing is that it’s another family photo of us, another family capture for the memory book. I have been doing this for four years now and I can’t imagine a month going by and not taking a photo of us all regardless of where we are or if it’s not as beautiful as others, it’s us and I love it regardless.

I feel incredibly lucky that these boys are mine and I’m excited to see what the year has in store for us.

Here’s a little roundup of our January.







5 thoughts on “{Me and Mine 2017} January

  1. You have a beautiful family! I’m just starting my Me and Mine Journey, but it must be wonderful to have so many photos to look back on.
    I also changed my hair colour this month from purple and blue to red hehe. I’ve always been one to experiment though, so big congrats on taking the plunge and trying something new.
    I need to assess how well or not I did in my January goals – I’m thinking not very!
    Lovely to meet you and I look forward to the months ahead!


    1. Thank you Jenny. Totally agree, without this project I wouldn’t have half as many family photo’s as I have. I started in January 20-4, before I even had a blog and I’m so glad I did! Hope you have a great February lovely xx


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