The Ordinary Moments

{The Ordinary Moments ’17} #5 Simple Saturday’s

I remember writing my very first Ordinary Moments post a couple of years ago about coffee dates with my husband whilst our then toddler napped. Fast forward a few years and the toddler is now four and no longer naps and we also have a three month old. Long gone are the days where we can go for a relaxing coffee together during nap time. Instead, we are juggling a baby and a little boy who constantly wants and needs attention which means it can be quite the opposite of relaxing!

Yesterday we had no real plans so we popped into town (Bolton, in case you were wondering), and picked a couple of bits up. Whilst we were there we decided to go to Starbucks at Alfie’s request. It was one of those times where he was well behaved and it was an enjoyable half an hour. Even Nate had a break from crying 😉 I snapped this picture and I absolutely love it.


Nate is also wearing joggers and a hoody which my Mum bought for him and whilst I think he looks completely adorable, I’m sad that my baby is now in 3-6 clothes and is  not a tiny baby anymore. He’s officially classed as an infant now!

Alfie also needed some new trainers so after our coffee we went over to H&M. When we were there I spotted a batman teddy, which he’s obsessed with at the moment thanks to playing Lego Superheroes on the PlayStation with Daddy. He actually had some Christmas money left over so we let him get it along with a Superheroes cap. He is over the moon with them and hasn’t put them down all weekend.


Yesterday was just one of those Simple Saturday’s, a very ordinary day, but one that was very lovely indeed.




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