The Ordinary Moments

{The Ordinary Moments ’17} #6 A Big Boy Bed

Tonight my big boy went to bed in his first proper bed! Up until now he’s been in his cot bed, despite being almost four and a half. He’s been happy in it and there was still more than enough room for him, meaning we’ve never got round to changing it.

Back when I found out I was pregnant I mentioned wanting to get Alfie a new bed as I didn’t want him to think he’d given his bed up for the baby. However, the only bed he wanted was a purple one! I looked everywhere but the only one I could find was ridiculously expensive. Rather than get him a bed he wouldn’t like or didn’t want, we left it and figured we’d let him choose his own when he was ready.

That was until my sister in law mentioned they were getting our nephew a new single bed to replace the high riser he had. I knew Jack’s old bed would be perfect for Alfie and there is enough room to create a den / reading corner underneath. My sister in law very kindly agreed we could have it for a really good price, so today with help from my father in law, my hubby took down the much loved (and used) cot bed and put the new one together.

It’s meant changing Alfie’s room around slightly but it was so worth it as he absolutely loves it and was so happy when he saw it shouting ‘thank you Mummy, thank you Daddy’.

So tonight, he’s gone to bed in his first big boy bed with a new duvet and pillow. It almost feels like the end of an era as he’s been in his cot bed since being nine months old, using it as a bed from being two.

He’s growing up so fast and I really want to cherish these ordinary moments where something so simple and practical as a new bed can make him so excited! I snapped some pictures just before he went to sleep with his nightlight on (hence why they’re purple)!

His old cot bed
His new high riser bed
Snug as a bug with a new comfy pillow and duvet


I’m so proud of him.

6 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments ’17} #6 A Big Boy Bed

    1. Ah thank you for your comment. I felt a bit silly thinking it was such a big step so I’m glad you felt the same. I hoped he’d stay in it longer this morning thinking he’d be comfy in his new duvet … he was up at 6am! X


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