Siblings #3 February


This month I feel like the boys’ bond has really started to develop. Up until now I feel like Alfie has just been tolerating Nate and whilst this is still true to some degree, he has shown signs of being more interested in him. A couple of times he’s even said he will watch Nate while I make tea or he’s said ‘I’ll see to Nate for you Mummy’ and will say to Nate ‘big bro’s here’ or ‘it’s ok Nate, big brothers here’, which i just find adorable! Of course this all very much depends on what kind of mood Alfie is in but I can see him becoming more and more interested with his brother.

Nate on the other hand loves Alfie already and when he gets home from nursery in the afternoon, his face lights up when he sees his big bro! He very often watches Alfie and will turn his head to see him and he enjoys watching him on the PlayStation.

They have had some lovely moments together and Alfie’s let me take a few pictures of them (which doesn’t happen as often as I’d like)!

I hope that the more Nate grows and becomes more independent and starts sitting alone and crawling etc, the more they’ll be able to play together. I do worry that the age gap is too big but I guess only time will tell!



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