The Ordinary Moments

{The Ordinary Moments ’17} #7 More Than Just A Photo


Today we went to visit my grandparents. We haven’t seen them for a few months because not long after I’d had Nate they were both poorly then with Christmas, time just ran away with us.

It was lovely to go seeing them and for them to see Nate again as they’ve not seen him since he was two weeks old. However, it was bittersweet as I found out that my Grandad has been diagnosed with dementia.

He started to become poorly last year and after various tests, it became apparent that he’d suffered a series of mini strokes. He’s always enjoyed reading and walking and these were the first things which were effected as well as starting to forget things. I remember seeing him last Easter and he was so poorly and he seemed frail. It was hard to see. I’ve grown up with my grandparents being a big part of my life. Not as much in the last few years, but certainly in my childhood and as they were so young when I was born (late 40’s,) I’ve never really appreciated how old they’re getting.

It was hard to hear that he’s been diagnosed with dementia, especially as he seems more like himself every time we see him, but small adjustments are being made to their house and it was quite difficult to see the house I’m so familiar with be adapted because of his illness.

I’m lucky that the boys have great-grandparents as I know a lot of people who don’t. My husband doesn’t have his grandparents so for Alfie and Nate to have Grandparents on either side and Great grand parents makes me feel incredibly lucky.

I love seeing Alfie playing in the same house and the same garden as I did when I was a child and I hope Nate will be able to when he’s older but today made me realise that we could be on borrowed time. With this diagnosis, nobody knows what the future holds. I worry that my Grandad is going to forget us and not remember me or the boys, which is why it was even more important for me to capture these moments of him with Nate and Alfie today. Nate is actually called Nate William after my Grandad and these pictures of the two of them together and the one’s with Alfie are so special to me and one’s I know I will treasure and be able to show the boys when they are older.





11 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments ’17} #7 More Than Just A Photo

  1. Oh this is so precious I know what you mean I am the same when I get to take the kids home for the summer to my parents house. They play at the same playground I did and in the same house and swimming in the same pool It is amazing to share your childhood with your own children too. Lovely post hunny #ordinarymoments


  2. These are precious photos Nic, for some reason they really made me emotional. I am lucky to have all four of my grandparents in my life still, it’s so special and time that I find precious, but in the last year my dad’s side especially have got so frail, they are in their 90’s. I know they won’t be around forever and I know I am lucky to have had the time with them, we just need to treasure it don’t we? I am sorry to hear about your Grandpa, Dementia is a horrible illness. xx


    1. I’ve read about your grandparents a few times and seen them in your vlogs and it always makes me smile because it’s lovely to see them with the girls and W. I think I’ve taken for granted how old they are getting so it has made me realise I need to make more time to take the boys to see them. It really is horrible and I feel like it’s really cruel as it’s already taken away his favourite things as he can’t drive anymore or enjoy his books 😦 xx


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