me and mine

{Me and Mine 2017} February


So that was February! Another month which has gone by so quickly. We haven’t really done much this month (maternity pay really doesn’t stretch that far), so we’ve just spent the weekends popping to town or seeing family. I wish I could tell you it’s been more exciting, but it really hasn’t been!

The weather also hasn’t been that kind to us either so our photo for this month was taken at the weekend where we were all at Michael’s sisters for our brother in laws birthday. We bribed Alfie with five more minutes to play just so he would have the picture taken and Nate was fast asleep!

I was so cross that it’d been left to the last minute again but with the weather being so utterly miserable I’ve not wanted to drag the boys out to set the tripod and timer up somewhere. So this months photo was taken by my nephew. I’m so desperate for Spring so we can get outside and take some lovely pictures!

I want to end this post by sharing a few of my favourite snaps from the month and hope next month I can share a photo of us in the great outdoors!



img_4149  31278688_unknown  img_4260  31283536_unknown


31283360_unknown   31285408_unknown


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