Siblings #4 March

I almost feel like we’ve taken a few steps back this month with their relationship. For whatever reason, Alfie has been acting up again and has started to attention seek again, so we’ve had some tough moments with him this month.

To add to Alfie’s difficult behaviour, Nate’s teething has also ramped up a notch and he’s been so, so unhappy. Some days, he’s cried and moaned all day long and has been ever so agitated with it. I know it’s just one of those things and all babies go through it but I’d forgotten how tough it can be. Nothing seems to work either – we’ve tried an amber teething bracelet, calpol, nelson’s teething granules, bonjela, nurofen, bickie pegs and he’s still suffered. He’s not quite go the coordination to hold a teething toy in his mouth yet, but he manages ok with bickie pegs and I’ve found he has enjoyed chewing on them.

I’m also finding it tricky to take photo’s of the boys – Nate isn’t anywhere near sitting yet and Alfie doesn’t like to hold him so the only photo’s I can get are side by side like this or if they both lie on the floor. I think it’ll be so much easier when Nate is sitting by himself.

Alfie still doesn’t show Nate much affection in terms of wanting to hold him or cuddle him, but he does include him in conversations and will say things like he’s the brother in the World, so I’m still hopeful their relationship will flourish.

These photo’s were taken right at the last minute as we’d got back from Michael’s birthday lunch. Our lounge is quite dark whereas we get a lot of light in the kitchen and when I took these photo’s, the sun was just going down and it’s streaming in from the kitchen, which almost gives them an angelic glow!

31552464_Unknown31552608_Unknown31552624_Unknown (1)


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