The Ordinary Moments

{The Ordinary Moments ’17} #12 Mother’s Day

I was lucky enough to start my Mother’s Day celebrations a couple of days early thanks to being invited to a Mother’s Day tea at Alfie’s nursery on Friday afternoon. His class was set out with tables and chairs and we were served a selection of sandwiches, cakes and biscuits. I went with my Mother in law, Alfie’s Nan, as my inlaws pick him up every day and I thought it’d be nice for her to enjoy too. I’m so pleased we went as the staff had gone to a lot of effort and it was lovely spending that special time with Alfie. He will leave in July so I desperately want to treasure these memories of his nursery days. Nate was a superstar and slept for about half an hour as we got there then when he woke he was as good as gold sat on my knee. It was the loveliest afternoon.

On Mother’s Day, Nate woke up about 9.45am after being up from 2am – 4.15am (he clearly couldn’t wait to celebrate his first Mother’s Day with me). After his early morning feed, he went back to sleep until 9.45am. Michael and Alfie had already been downstairs a while by then. When I woke with Nate, Alfie couldn’t wait to give me all my cards and presents. I was spoiled with some lovely things, but my most favourite of all was my card off Alfie. At four, he will start school in September but isn’t really that interested in reading or writing so when I was presented with a card that he’d written, I was so touched (he went over Michael’s writing, but I’m still mega pleased).

We had a relaxing out morning at home then went to my parents and enjoyed the weather in the garden before finishing the day at my in-law’s. It was such a lovely day and made me feel really grateful.

Being a parent isn’t easy – in fact it’s by far the most difficult job I’ve ever had. Yet it’s also the most rewarding. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being someone’s Mummy. I feel like it’s what I’m supposed to do. I’m by no means the best Mum in the world and I do lose my cool and become the shouty mum more often than I’d like but I love my boys fiercely and I’m so excited and privileged to watch them grow up to be young men!



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