The Ordinary Moments

{The Ordinary Moments ’17} #13 Rice Krispie Cakes

Things round here haven’t been easy lately. Nate is teething so badly and is also about to enter leap five. We’ve also had the four month sleep regression to contend with, plus a clock change which didn’t agree with my four year old. It’s made for a very tired household (hence why this post is so late).

Last week, I promised Alfie we would make some rice krispie cakes as let’s face it, chocolate solves everything!

Alfie loves to get stuck in and help as much as he can. Helping me cook is one of the few times he’ll actually listen to instructions. We started off by breaking all the chocolate up ready to melt – quite a few chunks didn’t make it to the bowl though as Alfie just had to test them!


He absolutely love stirring it all and watching it melt and I loved watching how something as simple as melting chocolate could make him so happy!


He even flung his arms round me and gave me the biggest cuddle, which is something he very rarely does, so I enjoyed every second of it.


Once the chocolate was all melted and the rice krispie’s added, he then helped me spoon it into the cake cases and added some mini eggs on top.


He enjoyed them so much that I didn’t get chance to take any photo’s once they were finished, which if you ask me, is a great excuse to make some more 😉

The Ordinary Moments

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